Valentine's Gift for a High School Girlfriend

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Getting the right gift for you Valentine takes planning.

Oh, young love. From "Romeo and Juliet" to the "High School Musical" franchise, teenagers have been falling in and out of love for centuries. Hard as it is to navigate relationships during high school, Valentine's Day creates an annual pressure most teenage boys would willingly forgo. If said boys plan on having a girlfriend on Feb. 15, however, it is wise to plan ahead and purchase a Valentine's Day gift. The keys to wooing your sweetheart in the halls of high school work in the real world as well — don't wait until the last minute, work within a budget and keep the particular tastes of your ladylove in mind.



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The obvious choice for Valentine's Day is jewelry. If you can afford jewels while you are in high school because you are independently wealthy, you probably don't need help. Just waltz into the nearest jeweler's and drop a wad of cash for a giant rock. Your girlfriend will be thrilled. Chances are, though, you have an allowance or a part-time job that pays minimum wage, and your parents are not jumping at the opportunity to help you buy your lady's bauble. Set a limit before you go into any store and stick to the limit. Affordable options for jewelry can often be found at department stores or online. To make it personal, engrave the item. You may also want to purchase a semi-precious gem, such as her birthstone.

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Romantic Serenade

Enlist the help of your buddies to play a Valentine's Day song.

Put a song in your Valentine's heart with the gift of music. If you play a musical instrument, compose and record an original piece for her. You can wrap it as a gift, or deliver it in person by serenading her on Valentine's Day. She will appreciate the time and effort you spent on the gift. Hint: your girlfriend's name should be included in the song title. If you are in the high school band, get your buddies together and serenade her at school, though forgo this option if she is easily embarrassed.


A Night to Remember

Have a quality-time night with your girlfriend. Perhaps you are both stressed out with all your honors classes, sports practices and volunteer work. A romantic night will be just the ticket to reconnect. If you want to go out, make reservations ahead of time at a restaurant in a price range above the usual high school hangouts. Romantic restaurants don't have to be very expensive, but they do not include anything with fast food. Stake out a tiny bistro with an intimate setting that won't have you mowing lawns for the next century. Alternatively, you may want to have a night indoors. Cook a meal or order takeout and enjoy your time together. If you are a new couple, consider inviting another couple from your high school to hang out and enjoy the meal as well.



Nothing is more classic than flowers on Valentine's Day. If your lady has a green thumb, purchasing a potted plant will last longer than a bouquet. For bouquets, roses are the classic choice. Sometimes, though, a single rose will be both more romantic and affordable than a dozen of roses. Be sure to include a card that describes how you feel or what you like about your girlfriend. Leave flowers on her desk or locker at school for a Valentine's Day surprise.



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