Gifts for a First Girl Grandchild

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Present your newborn granddaughter with a keepsake.

Selecting a gift for your new granddaughter is an absolute joy and should reflect the spirit of the occasion. The gift you select is obviously more for the parents than the newborn baby. However, it should be something that when she is old enough to understand who gave that special gift to her that it becomes a keepsake. Although you may be tempted to lavish her with the pink dress, think of something that will be long-lasting.


Sterling Silver

There are numerous items made in sterling silver just for this occasion. A sterling silver duck with a pink knit hat and scarf could be engraved acknowledging the prestige of being the first girl granddaughter. Including her name, birth date and who the gift is from, with love, will be something she will keep on her dresser for the rest of her life. There are examples of sterling silver items for the newborn baby on the website The Silver Gallery. Prices range from $30 to $150.


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Baby jewelry is a popular gift. There are baby bracelets that may be engraved for under $50 online, as of 2011. GoToBaby has examples of baby jewelry. Most jewelry stores carry baby jewelry and provide the engraving as well. You may want to get her a piece that you can add on to each birthday.


Handmade Quilt

A baby quilt that is made for framing someday may be the most thoughtful gift. If by chance you still have some precious baby clothing of the parent of your new granddaughter, cutting the clothes up into squares and making a baby quilt out of it would be a perfect gift. Otherwise, making a quilt from other material and embroidering it would be worthy of a frame when she is older. The website Hand Made Quilts has some good ideas as well as instructions on how to make a quilt.


Something Wood

Purchase her first child-sized rocking chair and add a pink pillow to go with it. You could personalize it yourself by painting her name on the back of it if you like. Rocking horses are also a wonderful accessory to a child's room and may be passed down in legacy throughout many years. Anything made of wood can be personalized with the right paint and little effort. Purchasing them or making the gift yourself are an option.



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