Games to Do at a Teen Girls' Sleepover

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Sleepover party games are perfect for exuberant teens.

Go beyond the popcorn, movies and late night gossip with exciting party games for your teen daughter's next sleepover. Games keep the teens busy and mingling and prevent boredom. With a few supplies and your imagination, you can create games the girls will remember for months to come. Awarding girly prizes, such as stationery sets, hair accessories, jewelry and gift cards will encourage the girls to participate in all the party games.


Alarm Clock Game

Set an alarm clock and hide it in the party area or in one of the teen's sleeping bags. Tell the teens you hid a clock and when it goes off the first teen to find it wins a prize. Wait until about 15 minutes before the alarm sounds to tell the teens so they do not try to find it before it has a chance to go off.


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Indoor Volleyball

Hang a streamer across the room to create the volleyball net. Inflate a balloon to use as the volleyball. Mark the boundaries of the court with masking tape. Divide the girls into even teams and play with the same rules as a real game of volleyball. The first team to score 15 points wins the game.


Truth or Dare Box

Write down several truth questions and dares on slips of paper. Write a point value on each slip of paper. Place the slips of paper in a box. Truth questions can include "Who is your crush?" or "What is your most embarrassing moment?" Write down dares, such as snort like a pig for 30 seconds or stand on your head for one minute. Have the teens draw a truth question or dare from the box. If they complete it, they earn the point value written on the slip of paper. If they do not complete it, they do not earn any points. After each teen has gone five times, the one with the most points wins the game.


Makeup Artist

Tell the teen girls to select a partner and give each pair a bag full of makeup. Have each team go into a different room and do each other's makeup. The teens have 30 minutes to complete their makeup. After 30 minutes, all the teens must model their look. Have a few adults judge the makeovers. Award prizes to the best, funniest, silliest and scariest makeovers.



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