Expensive Gifts for Parents

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An expensive gift for parents could include a dream vacation.

Having a flexible, open-ended budget can open up a lot of expensive gift options for parents. Look at your parent's hobbies and interests together for possible gift ideas and budget how much to spend on the gifts. As the occasion approaches, ask your parents for a wish list to get a sense of what they would like as a gift.



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Local, national or international vacation destinations can be an ideal expensive gift to give parents. Perhaps there is a country they have dreamed of visiting, a favorite local bed and breakfast that created good memories for them or a cruise they thought would be interesting to try. Before booking the vacation, make sure the parents don't have prior commitments during the vacation dates. Include meals, spending money, transportation and lodging as part of the gift and consider providing them with travel brochures and books about their vacation destination.

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A new car, truck or motorcycle is an expensive, but practical, gift for parents. Consider buying a refinished classic car from the past or high-tech vehicle completely equipped with expensive amenities such as night vision, brand-name sound systems and electronics as well as heated seating. Since most of the new, custom vehicles require pre-ordering, make sure to leave enough time to order and buy the gift for the parents before the special occasion.


Spa Weekend

An expensive weekend at the spa could be a relaxing gift for parents to use to unwind together. Some high-end hotels may offer an on-site spa for guests, such as Spa V in Hotel Victor in Miami Beach, Florida. Include massages, face, hand and feet treatments as part of the spa gift. Ask the hotel for a list of specialty services offered to include as part of your present, such as the gold bubble jelly pedicure offered at Spa V which includes a gold jelly foot soak mixed with champagne for a pedicure.



A several course meal at an expensive fine dining restaurant is a gift for a night on the town most parents could welcome. Review their preferences in food, beverages and decor before choosing a fine dining restaurant. Contact the establishment in advance to reserve a table in the most luxurious area of the restaurant and make payment arrangements. Secure transportation as part of the gift, such as a limousine, to and from the restaurant. A gift certificate to an expensive, fine dining restaurant could be a gift option instead of making payment arrangement with the establishment.



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