How to Elevate a Christmas Tree

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Things You'll Need

  • Christmas tree (real or artificial)

  • Tree stand

  • Table

  • Gloves

Raise a small Christmas tree on a table.

A Christmas tree is a main focus of Christmas decorations in your home. However, you may have a Christmas tree that's too small. Perhaps you've just moved into a larger house and your artificial tree from your former residence isn't large enough. Or you didn't want to spend the money on a larger live tree, so you brought home a shorter one. Whatever the reason, you may want to elevate your Christmas tree so it fills a larger space or can be seen outside through a window.


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Step 1

Set up your Christmas tree as if you weren't going to elevate it. For artificial trees, this means assembling the branches and fluffing out the individual needles. For live trees, this means securing it level in the stand. Don't add water to the stand yet.

Step 2

Place a small table in the center of the area where you want to display the tree. The area must be away from heaters, outlets and other fire hazards. The table must be sturdy and level. It must be heavy enough to bear the weight of the tree, its decorations, water and gifts you want to place beneath the tree. The table must not tilt or wobble.


Step 3

Grasp the tree through the branches around the trunk about halfway up. If you have a live tree, put on gardening gloves to protect yourself from the needles.

Step 4

Lift the tree straight up, stand and all, and place the it directly in the center of the table. The legs of the stand or tree must be entirely supported by the table. If any of the legs jut off the side, your table is too small. Find a larger table.

Step 5

Rotate the tree by the trunk until you are satisfied with the positioning. Carefully release the tree trunk. The tree must stand on its own and not fall over.


Put water in a live tree stand only after you elevate the entire tree onto the table. Decorate the tree after you elevate it. Wrap a Christmas tree skirt around the base of the tree and let it hang down over the table's edges to the floor. This embellishes the height of the tree.