How to Make Tree Faces

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Things You'll Need

  • Molding clay

  • Natural embellishments (wood, plants, vegetables, rocks)

  • Markers

Turn clay into a silly face on the bark of a tree.

Children of all ages will love making faces on the trees in the backyard or woodland area close to your house. They can make their tree faces using natural and synthetic items that will break down with the weather and time. Use molding clay to create the base of the tree face and encourage the kids to use their imaginations to design the eyes, mouth and other facial features.


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Step 1

Choose the trees that will get a face. Trees that have bumps or protrusions that the kids can work naturally into a face design works best. For example, a bump in the bark can be the basis for a nose.

Step 2

Sculpt facial features such as a nose, eye sockets, ears, lips,and a mustache out of molding clay. Choose a complementary color or a completely wacky color of clay, depending on whether you want the face to subtly blend into the tree bark or stand out in a humorous way.

Step 3

Use natural objects to create the eyes (rocks or shells), teeth (bark chips) and nose (carrot stub). There are many possibilities, so have the kids try whatever embellishments they think look good. They'll end up with one-of-a-kind creations ranging from the lovely, to the spooky, to the delightfully goofy.

Step 4

Add detail to the faces with markers, such as pupils on rock eyes.


Play around with making tree faces in different expressions such as happy, angry, surprised or sleeping.


Do not attach anything to the tree that will damage its bark.