How to Make Your Own Christmas Tree Stand

Using a metal pail and clothesline hooks, make this farmhouse style Christmas tree stand complete with a plastic reservoir for watering. Perfect for smaller spaces, a cozy nook or porch decoration, the base of this stand is weighted with marble garden rocks for support and the galvanized pail provides an incredibly charming and rustic seasonal feel.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

Things You'll Need

  • 10-quart galvanized metal pail

  • ¼-inch drill bit and power drill

  • 7 ¼-inches clothesline hooks (4)

  • 3 ½-quarts marble rock or garden gravel

  • Plastic food container, 8-inches round

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)


The listed materials make for a Christmas tree stand perfect for smaller trees, up to 5-ft or 60-inches tall. To accommodate larger trees, simply size up the metal pail and clothesline hooks, filling with additional rock for added weight to support the tree.

Step 1

Measuring ½-inch below the top rim of the metal pail, make four equidistant marks for drilling. Drill ¼-inch holes into the pail over each mark; doing so provides the right size hole for threading the ¼-inch clothesline hooks in step 5.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

Step 2

Fill the bottom of the pail with 2 layers of the gravel to provide weight and support.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

Step 3

Rest the plastic container on top of the gravel inside the pail; this will act as a reservoir basin for watering the Christmas tree.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

Step 4

Fill in more gravel around the open edges of the plastic container to secure the reservoir in place and provide added weight for the stand.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

Step 5

Remove one of the provided nuts from each clothesline hook, maneuvering the remaining nut to the top of the hook threading. Screw each clothesline hook through the ¼-inch pre-drilled holes until they reach the nut.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

Step 6

Reattach the remaining nut, screwing to tighten against the pail.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)
(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

Step 7

Position the stand inside or in the area where the Christmas tree will stay. Loosen the clothesline hooks to accommodate resting the base of the tree inside the plastic reservoir.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

Step 8

Tighten each hook to support the weight and balance of the tree by screwing them directly against the base of the tree trunk. Fill the watering reservoir halfway with your favorite Christmas tree watering solution, and water as needed throughout the season.

(Image: Image by Tim & Mary Vidra)

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