How to Make Your Own Christmas Tree Stand

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You can make your own Christmas tree stand.
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Buying all of the decorations for Christmas can be expensive, so it's a good idea to make your own DIY Xmas tree stand whenever you can. You may not expect it to be the case, but you can easily make a Christmas tree stand. Learn how to create your own farmhouse Christmas tree stand.


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Things You'll Need

  • Tree

  • Galvanized metal bucket

  • Tape measure

  • Power drill

  • 1/4-inch drill bits

  • Four clothesline hooks with nuts

  • Marble rocks or garden gravel

  • 8-inch round plastic food container

How to Make Your Own Christmas Tree Stand

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Making a rustic farmhouse Christmas tree stand of your own can be easy. For smaller trees (5 to 6 feet tall), you'll need a galvanized metal bucket, a tape measure, a power drill with 1/4-inch drill bits, four clothesline hooks with nuts, marble rocks or garden gravel and an 8-inch round plastic food container. If you usually buy larger trees, get everything a bit bigger.


Step 2: Drill Holes

Start by drilling four equally spaced holes into the bucket half an inch down from the top using the 1/4-inch drill bit. Measure the circumference of the bucket and then divide by four to determine the exact spots for the holes.

Step 3: Add Gravel to the Bucket

Next, add the gravel or rocks to the bottom of the bucket. If you're using stones, you'll want about two layers, aiming for about 1 inch of coverage from the bottom if using gravel. You want it to be even because you'll rest the food container on top of it, and you don't want that to be too unstable.


Step 4: Add the Food Container

Add the food container just below the hooks.

Step 5: Fill the Rest of the Bucket

Secure the container by filling the rest of the bucket on the sides with rocks or gravel.

Step 6: Add the Hooks

The next step is adding and securing the hooks. Put the clothesline hooks through the holes, putting the first nut at the bottom of the crook but do not tighten the second nut yet.


Step 7: Screw In the Hooks

Screw each hook into the hole by turning it clockwise until it reaches the cut at the bottom of the crook.

Step 8: Secure the Hooks

Secure each of them using the second nut to secure it against the pail.

Step 9: Set Up the Tree Stand

Place your new Christmas tree stand wherever you want your tree to go in your home, loosening the hooks a little bit so that you can secure the tree. Make sure that you make an even number of turns.


Step 10: Add the Tree

Put the tree into the stand in the middle of the four hooks. Tighten each hook evenly by making the same number of turns in each hole. Keep going until the hooks are secure and the tree is stable. You're now ready to decorate your tree and enjoy your new farmhouse Christmas tree stand!


Other Farmhouse Christmas Decor

There are many other ways to bring the farmhouse feel to your Christmas decor. You can even utilize more buckets to continue the look. You can add Christmas tree branches, tie bows and put twinkle lights in them. Arrange them on the front porch, stairs or wherever else you like. You can do the same with watering cans, milk buckets or other farmhouse accessories.


Use birch tree wood around the fireplace since the white is reminiscent of snow, wintertime and the holidays. You can also buy rustic farmhouse signs or make them very easily on wood. Put a favorite holiday song lyric on them or use a more general word or phrase, such as "joy," "peace on earth" or "merry Christmas." If none of these phrases spark joy for you, write another holiday sentiment that speaks to you.