How to Make a Giant Wreath Out of Christmas Garland

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Make your own giant Christmas wreath to decorate your home this season.
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Christmas garland can be used to create festive and long lasting large Christmas wreaths. They are relatively easy to build and can be personalized to fit any unique style or personality. Fresh garland will not last as long as artificial garland, but it will provide the home with the classic smell of Christmas and evergreen plants. Make a wreath with the whole family for a new Christmas tradition.


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Things You'll Need

  • Picture hanging wire

  • Christmas decorations

  • Circular saw

  • Carpenter's glue or other strong adhesive

  • Christmas garland

  • Stapler and staples

  • Heavy gauge wire

  • Dark green paint

  • Drill

Step 1: Purchase the Base Material for Your Huge Wreath

Purchase a large sheet of plywood, wider than you want the large Christmas wreath to be (such as 5 feet by 5 feet, or larger for larger wreaths). Or, for a lighter wreath, purchase plastic tubing. Purchase enough tubing for the wreath size you want, such as 16 feet for a wreath 5 feet in diameter.

Step 2: Create the Pattern for the Wreath

Pound a nail into the center of the plywood sheet with a hammer. Tie a piece of string to the nail and tie a pencil on the other end of the string. The string should be half the length of the diameter of your wreath. For example, use a 2.5-foot length of string for a 5-foot wreath. Use the string and pencil like a compass to draw a giant circle on the plywood.


Once the large circle has been drawn, shorten the string by about 6 inches to allow you to draw a smaller circle within the larger one, creating a donut shape. You can shorten the string more or less than 6 inches, depending on how you want the wreath to appear; shorten more than 6 inches for a fatter wreath, and less for a skinny wreath. The two circles form the outline of the wreath.

If you are using plastic tubing instead of plywood, bend the tubing to form a circle and attach the ends with strong glue.


Step 3: Cut Out the Pattern

Cut out the pattern with a portable circular or keyhole saw. Paint the wood, if you desire, preferably a dark green color. Drill two holes on the top of the wreath to hang it.

Step 4: Cover the Frame With Garland

Ensure that you have a sufficient amount of garland to cover the entire surface of the giant wreath frame. Use strong glue to secure the Christmas garland onto the plywood or tubing. Work the garland all around the frame until it has been fully covered and completely secured. If possible, wrap the garland around the frame twice to make a thicker and more impressive display. When you reach the end of the garland, carefully secure it to the frame with more glue.


Step 5: Fluff and Decorate

Fluff out the garland and begin to decorate it your large Christmas wreath. Add large-scale decorations including large pine cones, Christmas trees, stars, shatterproof ornaments, a snowman, large bows or anything else you desire. Secure the decorations in place with wire, staples or glue.


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