How to Make a Christmas Wreath From Scratch

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You can make a Christmas wreath from scratch.

Making a homemade wreath for Christmas from scratch will allow you to personalize your wreath with your choice of branches and decorations. Wreaths made of fresh cut greenery create a warm and inviting scent for the holidays, and they can be hung on the outside of your front door or inside of your home.


You can find your greenery in the wild, or purchase it at a local Christmas tree stand. The whole family can be involved in the planning, creating and decorating the DIY Christmas wreath. Below find a step by step wreath making tutorial:

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Things You'll Need

  • Garden gloves

  • Fresh greenery

  • Garden shears

  • Floral wire

  • Wire cutter

  • Wire wreath form

  • Decorations

  • Hot glue gun

  • Glue sticks

1. Glove Up and Cut Some Fresh Greenery

Place your garden gloves on your hands. Cut the fresh greenery for your homemade wreath into 8-inch pieces using clean, sharp garden shears. Types of fresh greenery which can be used include spruce, arborvitae, cedar, Douglas fir, pine, long-leaf pine or holly branches. Some folks even like to use magnolia leaves and sprigs.

2. Cut Lengths of Floral Wire to Make Your Wire Wreath Form

Cut 25, 18-inch pieces of floral wire using the wire cutter.

3. Group Three Branches Together

Make a grouping of three greenery branches, overlapping them together facing in the same direction, and place the grouping on the wire wreath form. The branches should flow around to keep with the shape of the rounded wire wreath form.


4. Make More Groupings to Cover the Wire Wreath Form

Make enough groupings to cover the size of your wreath form.

5. Attach the Greenery Groupings to the Wire Wreath Form

Take an 18-inch piece of floral wire and wrap the wire around the grouping several times, wrapping around the lower part of the stems to secure. When finished wrapping, twist the two ends of the wire together about three times to tighten and secure the wire. Repeat this step to attach all of the elements to the wire wreath form, overlapping to fill in the form.


6. Embellish the Homemade Wreath With Decorations

Attach decorations such as pine cones or berries to the wreath by adding a drop of hot glue to the decoration and attaching it to the branches and wire frame.

7. Create the Wreath Hanger

Cut an 8-inch piece of floral wire with the wire cutter to create the wreath hanger. Bend the wire in half and place the wire around the top back of the wire wreath form. Twist the wire three times flush with the form, and then twist the two ends of the wire together three times to create a loop.




Decorate the wreath by wrapping decorative Christmas trims around the wreath or attaching holiday bows.

Dried berry stems can be added for color and decoration. Wire the stems onto the wreath as you are wiring on the greenery stems.


Other decorative items to consider adding while making your homemade wreath include Christmas ball ornaments, pompoms, magnolia leaves and sprigs, dried fruits -- whole slices, individually wrapped peppermint candies, silk poinsettias, and jingle bells or other tiny silver bells.


Use caution when cutting materials with gardening shears and wire cutters.

Enjoy this holiday season with your diy wreath. Remember to get florist wire and consider using eucalyptus, red berries and if a wreath hanger is too much, twine can be tied to the wreath frame instead.


Christmas Crafts are a perfect family holiday memory. Our family hangs a DIY wreath each year. We find hanging a door wreath for neighbors adds to the seasonal fun in our apartment complex.


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