How to Make Baby Shower Gifts Out of Diapers

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 chenille stems (pipe cleaners)

  • Baby washcloth

  • 1/4-inch wide ribbon

  • Scissors

  • 6-inch square of tulle

  • Package of newborn-size diapers

  • 3-inch wide ribbon

  • Double-sided tape

  • Googly eyes

  • Toddler sunglasses

  • Baby bib

Diaper-based gifts are functional and easy to make at home.

Diapers are in high demand with new moms, with a newborn baby using approximately 60 diapers per week. A thoughtful gift idea for an expecting mom is a handmade gift made using diapers. Diaper cakes are a common baby shower gift, and expecting moms often receive more than one of these generic gifts. Choose something that no other guest will give the new mom. Make a baby shower decoration using diapers that is multifunctional or create a gift that takes the shape of a beloved stuffed animal.


Diaper Butterfly

Step 1

Place two chenille stems on the side edge of one washcloth with half of the stems overhanging the left side of the cloth. Roll the washcloth starting from the end with the chenille stem.

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Step 2

Cut four pieces of ribbon to 8 inches. Tie four equally spaced bows around the rolled washcloth to secure the roll and form the body of the butterfly. Curl the stems around your finger or a pencil to form the antennae.

Step 3

Cut one 12-inch piece of ribbon. Lay one diaper turned to the side on a flat surface. Center the tulle on the diaper. Place the rolled washcloth vertically in the center of the tulle. Tie the ribbon around the chenille stems, down the backside of the diaper and around the bottom of the washcloth.


Diaper Bear

Step 1

Roll one diaper starting at the bottom and rolling outward to the top of the diaper. Take another diaper and wrap around the rolled diaper. Continue adding diapers to the exterior of the diapers, the same way as forming a snowball, until you reach the ideal size for your bear body. Tie a piece of ribbon around the ball of diapers and secure with double-sided tape.


Step 2

Start with one rolled diaper and wrap diapers around the exterior in the same manner as you completed the bear body. Make this diaper ball the size you want for the bear head, which will be approximately 1/3 of the bear body. Tie and tape a piece of ribbon around the ball.

Step 3

Roll one diaper tightly and secure with ribbon and tape for one ear. Roll five more diapers individually and tape with ribbon to form the other ear, two hands and two feet.


Step 4

Arrange the bear with the large ball as the base and each appendage in place. Stick a piece of double-sided tape to the ribbon area on each diaper ball in the area the balls are connecting. Attach the pieces to form the bear.

Step 5

Attach the googly eyes and sunglasses on the face of the bear with pieces of double-sided tape. Pull pieces of ribbon quickly across the blade of the scissors to form curls, and attach to the top of the head with tape for hair. Put the baby bib around the neck of the bear.


Personalize disposable diapers with a handwritten note, such as 'daddy's turn' or 'time for a change,' written in permanent marker on the outside of the diaper. If you want to use cloth diapers for an eco-friendly gift, check with the mom-to-be and see if she will use this type of diaper on her baby. Even if she does not plan to use cloth diapers for diaper changes, cloth diapers are perfect for burping cloths and protective liners for cribs.


Avoid using hot glue, tape or safety pins directly on disposable diapers so the mom can use the diapers on the baby.


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