Finger Foods for a Boy Baby Shower

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Throwing a baby shower for friends or family can become more work and more expensive than one might expect. Plan a baby shower by the person or people that are throwing the shower, according to a budget. In the budget, deciding on how much money you are going to spend on food is important, as food is a big part of a baby shower. Not only should money come in to play; with so many for you to do before the shower, time that you spend in the kitchen is also a big deal. Plenty of foods are simple and delicious to serve to the guests—plus, they are inexpensive to prepare.


Pigs in a Blanket

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Making pigs in a blanket for the baby shower is a simple, yet delicious food to enjoy. The cheapest way to make them is by using canned biscuits that are in the can and mini hot dogs. Preheat the oven according to the directions on the back of the can of biscuits. Roll the hot dog in half of the biscuit, and make sure you have enough for all guests. Keep an eye on the pigs in a blanket as the bake, keeping sure not to overcook.

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Cheese Dip

Making cheese dip for the baby shower is not a very time-consuming project. Use a slow cooker for the best result; this keeps the dip from sticking to a pan and possibly burning. Depending on how fast the dip needs to be ready for the guests, you can warm the dip on high or low heat in the slow cooker. Use one to two big blocks of processed cheese, and add one can of chilies and peppers for some added spice. Once the dip is ready, you can turn the slow cooker onto the warm setting to keep it hot. When you serve the dip, either change into another dish or simply take the dish out of the warmer and place onto a trivet or hot pad. Serve with plain chips or tortillas chips.



Making sandwiches for a baby shower is a simple way to feed everyone and makes it easy on the party planner. Popular sandwiches include chicken salad, tuna salad, ham or turkey. Cut these into small servings; cut a whole sandwich into fourths. You can use themed cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches out in baby shower shapes. This is a cute and easy way to add some creativity to your plain sandwiches.



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