How to Hang a Wreath on a Glass Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape

  • Floral wire or ribbon (optional)

  • 3 peel-and-stick hooks

  • White vinegar

Among those who celebrate Christmas, many would agree the celebrations are just not the same without the fresh, evergreen scents of Christmas trees and wreaths. Wreaths are well-suited for front doors, and can be placed even on glass doors as part of the Christmas decorations. Hang wreaths on the inside or outside of glass doors. From inside, wreaths on glass are backlit by natural light and serve as an ornamental foreground to the wintry landscape. From outside, wreaths are admired by passersby.


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Step 1

Measure the point where you want the top of the wreath to hang from on the glass door, and mark it with a small piece of tape.

Step 2

Remove the backing from a plastic peel-and-stick hook. Stick the hook to the glass, in place of the tape.


Step 3

Hang the wreath from the hook. If a hanging device is not already at the back of the wreath, create a loop at the top with ribbon or floral wire.

Step 4

Remove the backing from two more peel-and-stick hooks. Catch the hooks on the sides of the wreath frame, so the hooks are pointing outward. Stick the hooks to the window. The side hooks will stabilize the wreath and prevent it from moving when the glass door is opened.


Step 5

Clean up the sticky residue left from the hook with white vinegar, after you have removed the wreath.