How to Hang a Wreath on a Door Without a Nail?

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Nailing a wreath to a door causes an unsightly hole that mars the wood surface if you ever decide to remove the wreath. Other options are available to prevent this. Wreaths are available in many colors and styles that accentuate the exterior of your home. They add curb appeal to the house as well. Using an alternative way to hang the wreath enables the homeowner to change the decor often. This prevents leaving many holes due to different size decor. Attractive door wreaths looks inviting and make a memorable first impression to visitors.


Don't cover a peep hole or door knocker with the wreath.

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors (Optional)

  • Measuring Tape (Optional)

  • Door Wreath Hanger

  • Fishing Line (Optional)

Step 1

Pick a door wreath hanger that is made of metal. These are more durable than plastic and just as inexpensive.

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Step 2

Place the door wreath hanger on the top center of your storm door. Set it on the interior door if your storm door has clear glass where you can still view the wreath. This protects it from wind and harsh weather conditions.

Step 3

Hang the wreath on the bottom hook of the wreath hanger by lifting it over the hook and then pulling it down to secure it. Reposition it if it is crooked.


If you have a wrought iron storm door or one with other sturdy, decorative features that will serve as an effective hook, use it to hang the wreath. Just cut an 18 to 24 inch of fishing line with scissors. The length depends on how far down you want the wreath to hang. Insert one end of the fishing line through the wreath and then tie both ends together in a knot. Hang the fishing line on a place that juts out slightly on your decorative door. Door wreath hangers are available at discount, craft and hobby stores and many places where decorative wreaths are sold.