How to Hang Christmas Ornaments From the Ceiling With Magnets

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It is difficult to imagine a holiday season without adorning homes, workplaces or schools with festive decorations. As spaces convert to winter wonderlands, many people's hanging options are limited to nonintrusive fixings, making ceiling magnets a practical solution for hanging ornaments and other decorations from the ceiling.


Whether you plan on hanging icicle lights, ornaments or paper snowflakes, there is a ceiling magnet for the job. And if you're not sure how to hang these Christmas decorations from the ceiling, we've got you covered with an ultra-easy Xmas tutorial.

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So on your marks, get set, and get ready to take your Christmas ornaments off the tree and send them flying from the chandeliers!

How to use magnets for ceiling decorations

There are numerous ceiling magnets on the market, each designed to support a wide range of weight. While they are most often used in commercial spaces to suspend signs from the ceiling, you can easily use ceiling magnets in your home or office to hang decorations provided that there is metal to attach the magnet. While designs may vary depending on the magnet's intended purpose and brand, the magnet is typically enclosed in a plastic or metal casing with a small hook on the other end.


How can you install holiday season home decor with magnets? Press the magnet end against a metal object. It should attach quickly, allowing you to hang a party decoration, holiday decor or sign from its hook. As long as the magnet can support the object's weight, the Christmas ornament should hang from the ceiling until it's time to take it down.



Removing a ceiling magnet is just as easy as applying it. The magnet should detach from the metal surface with a simple pull without causing any damage. And yes, that’s so much easier than taking down your 10-foot Christmas tree. Right? This damage-free use makes ceiling magnets ideal for Christmas party spaces you cannot modify, such as offices, schools, stores or rental halls.

How to pick the right ceiling magnet

Picking the best ceiling magnet for the job depends on the decoration's weight. If you are hanging paper snowflakes, Christmas garland, Christmas tree decorations, paper decorations or other lightweight holiday decor, the smallest ceiling magnet will likely do the trick. However, ornament weight can vary greatly.


Determine the weight of the object before purchasing a ceiling magnet. If the weight is not listed or you threw out the packaging long ago, weigh the ornament yourself on a food scale to play it safe. Once you've determined the decoration's weight, pick a ceiling magnet that can support it.


How to hang decorations with magnets and hot glue

If you are unable to find a ceiling magnet with a hook in time and you have spare magnets on hand, you can DIY a ceiling magnet with a hot glue gun and some string. Hot glue is a thermoplastic polymer that melts at high temperatures and resolidifies as it cools, creating a versatile and strong bond.




When making a ceiling magnet yourself, it is essential to determine the decoration’s weight and the magnet’s pull strength before hanging. If you plan on using hot glue to hang Christmas lights with magnets, you will likely need multiple magnets depending on the size and weight.

Once all materials are collected, attach a string to the decoration as the hot glue gun heats. Then, apply hot glue to the magnet and the string's other end. Wait for the glue to dry completely and then firmly press the magnet to the metal section on the ceiling.

How to hang ornaments from the ceiling with a hanger

Do your ceiling tiles have metal or plastic bars between each piece? Simply hook the curved part of a hanger under and around the bar or divider. This gives you a Christmas ceiling decoration display space! Test the hanger to make sure your ornaments aren't too heavy. After all, you might want the holiday season decor to stay in the air through the new year! Use string or fishing line to attach each ornament to the bottom of the hanger with a lightweight magnet—and voila, that's it!


Now that your ornaments are hung from the air with care, it's time to get busy with even more daring decorating ideas. If you're not sure where to start, check out some of our favorite tips!



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