How do I Turn Off a First Alert Professional Alarm System?

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Call the police from a safe place after returning to alarms sounding.

You receive three kinds of protection from your First Alert Professional Security System: a burglary alarm system, a fire alarm system and emergency alarm. Your keypad displays in which zone the alarm occurred so you can take the appropriate action. You control all of the functions of your security system with your keypad. When an alarm sounds in your home, central station at First Alert Professional receives notification that something happened and the company will attempt to call you to verify the situation before calling the authorities, just in case you have a false alarm. Knowing how to turn off your First Alert Professional Security alarm system will save you time.


Step 1

Enter your security code into the First Alert alarm system, and then press the "Off" key. You will see the "Ready" message displayed on your keypad screen and hear a single tone from the keypad to let you know you just disarmed the system.

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Step 2

Enter your First Alert security code, and then press the "Off" key to turn off the alarm or to turn off the warning notes of a Memory of Alarm. The Memory of Alarm represents the alarm type and zone number on the keypad display. Your burglary alarm has a continuous sound when you hear it. Your keypad display reveals the zone where the alarm sounded. Make certain you have that zone closed, which means close the window or close the door. Enter your security code again, plus press the "Off" to clear the Memory of Alarm display.


Step 3

Press the "Off" key. You do not need to enter the security code to silence your fire alarm. The fire alarm has a regular pulsating sound. Clear the Memory of Alarm display on the keypad by entering your security code, and pressing the "Off" key again.


Do not enter into your home if you hear the main burglary alarms sounding after returning—call the police from a safe area. Leave your home right away and call the police from a safe location if you return home and you notice the key pad beeping rapidly, meaning the main alarm system sounded and turned itself off while you were away.

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