Viper Car Alarm Instructions

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Help keep your car safe from theft with a car alarm installation.

Viper brand car alarms are installed with multiple alarm options to fit your time availability and security needs. The Viper alarms possess both active and passive activation, allowing you to take the time to choose the security level you desire, or to leave the security entirely up to the alarm system. In addition, Viper alarms provide for silent activation, for those occasions when you do not wish to alert anyone in the area of the existence of an alarm on your car. You can use the Viper remote control to activate any active alarm choice, with access to one-button activation and deactivation of your alarm. Using the remote, you can also trigger the Viper car alarm's panic mode, wherein all of the alarm features trigger immediately upon activation when immediate attention is required.

Step 1

Turn on the active arming feature of your Viper car alarm using the alarm remote control. Press and hold the lit icon on your remote that resembles a closed padlock for about one second until the alarm makes the sound of a siren. The parking lights on the vehicle will quickly go on and off to give you a visual indicator of the lock engaging and the activation of the alarm.

Step 2

Activate partial security coverage with the alarm by pressing the closed padlock icon on your remote before five seconds have gone by after the first activation press. For each subsequent press, you activate a differing security zone coverage on your vehicle. The alarm installer sets the zones during the installation process. After selecting the desired security zone, the parking lights will turn on and off once for each time you pressed the button to indicate the zone visually. Examples of zone security include ignition only alarm trigger or door only trigger. Check with the installer to find your vehicle zone settings.

Step 3

Deactivate the alarm by pressing and holding the lit icon of the open padlock on the remote control for about a second. Listen for two high-toned sounds to come from the alarm, and watch for the parking lights on the vehicle to quickly turn on and off twice to indicate the disarming of the alarm and that the door is unlocked.

Step 4

Activate the passive alarm feature of the alarm by simply turning off the vehicle once you've parked, and then by closing the door after leaving the automobile. Listen for a high-pitched tone from the remote after 20 seconds as a warning that the alarm will activate. Open the door if you wish to stop the activation countdown. If you allow the countdown to continue, the alarm will activate and the car door will lock after 30 seconds.

Step 5

Operate the alarm in silent mode without any of the audio/visual features by pressing the AUX icon on the remote for under a second before using the normal activation/deactivation processes.

Step 6

Press the star or closed padlock icon for two seconds to activate the panic mode for your alarm. Panic mode triggers the alarm directly from the remote control. Stop the panic mode by pressing the star, closed padlock or open padlock icon.

Step 7

Press the Smart Start icon on the remote to start the vehicle remotely. The vehicle will run for a programmed run-time as listed in the user's manual for the remote. Press the icon a second time to turn off the vehicle remotely during the programmed run-time.

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