How to Reset an AquaSnap Chiller

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AquaSnap all-in-one air source chiller units use Puron HFC refrigerant and a quiet fan system. These large coolers are used to cool mid to large facilities or the facility machinery. To safeguard against permanent damage, the AquaSnap chillers have alarms and alerts that warn against anything abnormal within the system. There are a number of fault conditions and codes that explain what is wrong. When an alarm or alert code goes off, you can manually reset the alarm through the scrolling marquee display.


Step 1

Read the code given and consult your AquaSnap manual for a list of what the codes mean. You need to fix the original problem or else you run the risk of damaging your chiller system.

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Step 2

Take the scrolling marquee display unit and scroll down the main menu using the arrow buttons until you enter the "Alarms" mode.

Step 3

Press "Enter" and the down arrow buttons until you reach the "Reset Aall Current Alarms" sub-menu. Press "Enter" to go to the password prompt screen.

Step 4

Use the arrow keys to change the four-digit password then toggle the display to "Yes." Press "Enter" to reset all alarms.

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