How to Make Valentine's Cards for Veterans

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Things You'll Need

  • Craft supplies

  • Pen, crayon or marker

  • Address of local US Department of Veterans Affairs medical office

  • Address of Veterans Affairs Canada

Valentines for Veterans puts the public in contact with veterans.

Valentines for Veterans is a program that encourages United States and Canadian citizens to make valentines for people who have served in the military. In the United States the cards are handled by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and in Canada the program is run by Veterans Affairs Canada. The program runs all year, and citizens can send notes and cards to veterans as well as sending valentines. Valentines can be purchased or homemade. The only suggestion is that you not use materials that can fall off or be broken.


Step 1

Create a valentine card using whatever craft supplies you have. You can simply fold a piece of paper in half and then draw a heart, or you can get fancy with stickers and cut-outs. Keep in mind that the card will be traveling, so use supplies that will not break or fall off the card. For a special touch, use patriotic colors or designs on your valentine.


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Step 2

Write a message to a veteran inside the card. You can thank the veteran for service to our country or just write an uplifting message of greeting. Remember that the veteran receiving your card may be male or female and may have served in the military in many different capacities.

Step 3

Distribution of the cards is handled by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. You can send your card to your local Veterans Affairs medical center; see the US Department of Veterans Affairs Facility Locator (reference 3) for a map to find your local facility. In Canada, send cards to Veterans Affairs Canada:

Valentines for Veterans Veterans Affairs Canada Communications Division PO Box 7700 Charlottetown, PE Canada C1A 8M9


This is a good project for helping children learn to appreciate those who serve their country and fight for freedom.


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