8 Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

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You've made romantic plans and you've found the perfect gift -- now all you need to do is track down a card that encapsulates your sentiments. But hunting for the perfect store-bought card includes wandering the aisles and reading countless cookie-cutter greetings. Avoid the frustration by creating your own card instead. Homemade cards are easier to make than you may think, and they're customizable so you can make sure the card is just as special as your valentine.

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Pop-Up Card

Do you have something extra special to say to your valentine? Make your message jump off the page by constructing a 3-D pop-up card. Use your imagination and create a romantic scene with string and free printables for a card that's colorful and display-worthy.

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Washi Tape Card

Patterned tape takes plain paper from basic to bold. Create stripes or shapes and add a personalized touch with a nameplate on the front. Since the tape is mess-free and simple to apply, include the kids or allow them to make their own for a quick and easy homemade card.

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Scratch-Off Card

Let your valentine play the love lottery for their chance to win. Because each heart contains a different prize, these exciting cards are like four gifts in one and will extend the Valentine's Day fun past February 14th. Everyone wins when the prizes are activities you can enjoy together, like hiking or cooking.

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Yarn Cards

For a sweet and heartwarming gift, create patterns with yarn to embellish a regular paper card. You don't have to be an expert knitter or crocheter to weave these soft hearts and they make excellent gifts for anyone who you want to wish a happy Valentine's Day.

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Clever Cactus Card

Dodge the conventional flower custom and make a cactus card. This prickly pear is lovable when accompanied by a witty quip and charming flower. Valentines with good humor and an appreciation for the unique will enjoy this quirky creation.

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Fabric Fortune Cookie Cards

One of the advantages of creating homemade cards is the fact that you are not limited to a specific format. If you're feeling creative, skip the standard folded paper and instead try this unique way to say, "I love you."

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Unconventional Card

Who says you have to express your love on paper? Go alternative with a mug set that shows you care. The morning of Valentine's Day, wake up your sweetheart with a surprise: Their favorite warm beverage served in a delightful homemade mug. Make two for a cute matching set you can both re-use to remember the special day.

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