How to Reuse Fast Food Cardboard Beverage Holders

If you go to a fast food restaurant and get take out, chances are you're going to get a cardboard beverage holder. After you get home, you may end up just tossing it right in the recycling bin. After all, what else are you going to do with it? Surprisingly, you can do quite a few things with a cardboard drink holder.

Step 1

Use it as a palette when painting. Since there are four small pockets, you can put a different color of paint in each one without them getting mixed together. Make sure you put it on top of a catalog just in case the paint goes through the small holes that are toward the center.

Step 2

Keep it on the backseat of your car to reuse for when you go back to the restaurant. Instead of getting a new cardboard beverage holder, just bring the same one back each time you go.

Step 3

Store fruit on it in the refrigerator. Instead of having oranges, oranges or tomatoes rolling around all over, you can put one in each pocket of the beverage holder and it will keep them in place.

Step 4

Wrap it up and use it as a candy dish. Take some wrapping paper and wrap the outside as well as the inside of the beverage holder. After you tape it up you can put different types of candy in each pocket.

Step 5

Make a centerpiece with it. Get very large fake (or real) flowers, cut the buds off and put one in each pocket. You can also stick them on the sides of the beverage holder so that you can't see it at all. Take a candle and put it on the little flat part in the center of the holder. You can't light the candle, but it will look beautiful in the middle of the centerpiece.

Step 6

Use it for packing material. It creates a nice brace on the inside of the box around the items that you're using, but you have to use more then one beverage holder. Combine them with balled up newspapers and you have yourself some good, sturdy packing materials.

Step 7

Reuse a few as jewelry holders. Take some fabric you no longer want (such as from that shirt that no longer fits you) and wrap it around each beverage holder. You can use a thin layer of glue to help the fabric stick to the cardboard. Since there are four pockets, you can have plenty of areas to put your jewelry. Best of all, they can stack one on top of the other, so one beverage holder can contain bracelets while the one on top of it can contain your necklaces.


If you're going to use it in the refrigerator with the fruit, make sure to check it each time that it didn't get dirty before you reuse it again.