How to Create a Wiggles Costume

They're a music sensation made up of four men who have found international success. No, it's not the Beatles--it's the Wiggles. Their brightly colored attire and innocent music bring smiles to the most cynical of faces. Children across the globe are in their fan club, attend their shows and watch them on television. It's hard to find a costume that will make your child have more fun with you on Halloween than that of a Wiggle.

Create a Wiggles Costume

Step 1

Choose which Wiggle you want to be. You can wear blue, red, yellow, or purple. Let your insecurities go because you must be confident to be able to pull off being one of the Wiggles. You may go with whichever one is your child's favorite.

Step 2

Put on a long-sleeved, full color shirt that matches the Wiggle of your choice. Make sure it is just the right size and fit for moving around in, singing and dancing. You need to be active and energetic to pull of the Wiggles look.

Step 3

Choose a pair of black pants with a stripe down each side that directly matches the color of your shirt. They should be somewhat casual as you will be doing a lot of moving around in them. You can still pull off a Wiggle costume without the matching stripe, but try to put it all together so you can be a more authentic Wiggle.

Step 4

Put on some black dancing shoes. Get ready to get your Wiggle groove on.

Step 5

Cut and style your hair in a short, preppy look. Hair isn't a big concern for the Wiggles. It should be cut short so there's no worry about it while you are out singing and dancing.

Step 6

Practice the songs and moves of the Wiggles. You can do this by looking at their official website (see Resources). You could always watch their video and learn at least one or two songs by heart, along with some dance moves, before you go out in costume. You won't be able to pull off the costume without the music to back you up.


Try on a couple of the different colors in order to decide which costume of the Wiggles works best for you.


Don't be afraid to express your Wiggle fun. Adults can have fun with this costume without shame.