How to Decorate for Christmas With Sinamay Mesh

Also known as poly, deco or geo mesh, sinamay mesh is a stiff ribbon that can be used for a wide variety of Christmas decorations. Inexpensive and easy to work with, the stiffness of the ribbon allows you to make beautiful Christmas bows, unique and textured garlands, festive wreaths and colorful Christmas tree decor.

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Create a Beautiful Ribbon Garland

Simply weave wreath wire or thin jewelry wire through the center of sinamay mesh ribbon, folding and scrunching the ribbon as you go, to create a rustic and charming Christmas garland for your mantel or shelf. Attach ornaments or other festive decorations to the garland for pops of color, sparkle and texture.

(Image: Kenzie Mastroe)

Weave a Festive Wreath

Weave individual strips of mesh ribbon through a wire wreath mold to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas wreath. Curl and tuck the ribbon ends under the wreath, attach some inexpensive faux berries or ornaments to the bottom with jewelry wire, and proudly display your new wreath on your front door.

(Image: Kenzie Mastroe)

Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Gently wind mesh ribbon around the circumference of your Christmas tree to take your tree to the next level this year. The mesh netting of the ribbon allows the Christmas tree lights to shine through, creating a charming and elegant glow. Check out our expert tips for putting ribbon garland on a Christmas tree.

(Image: Kenzie Mastroe)

Make an Elegant Christmas Bow

Want to spice up your store-bought wreath? Use mesh ribbon to create a luxurious bow by creating large loops and tying them together with wreath wire. Since the mesh is stiff and usually wire-edged, you can fluff the loops into your desired shape and attach it to a wreath, front door or mantel for a show-stopping decor piece. See how to use mesh ribbon to make a festive tree topper bow for your Christmas tree, too.

(Image: Kenzie Mastroe)
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