Frozen-Inspired Gift Wrap

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Fans of Frozen will love this beautiful gift-wrap idea inspired by the hit animated movie. With glittery blue accents, shimmering organza and a cascade of snowflakes, it looks like Elsa's dress has taken on new life as a present under your tree. You may not be able to "let it go."


Frozen-inspired gift wrap.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Things You'll Need

  • Light blue wrapping paper

  • Tape

  • White organza, about 1 yard

  • Glittery blue ribbon

  • Paper snowflakes

  • Craft glue

  • Winter floral pick

Step 1

Wrap your gift in light blue paper.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Wrap your gift box in light blue wrapping paper. Although most stores during the holidays will be primarily stocking paper with seasonal motifs, remember that party stores carry plain wrapping paper in various colors year round.



Step 2

Wrap organza round the box.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Wrap a piece of organza completely around the box, bunching it in the front. Tie a knot with the two ends of the organza – the knotted puffy organza will resemble a bow.


Step 3

Wrap a shiny blue ribbon around the box.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Perpendicular to the sides you placed the organza, wrap a wide, shiny blue ribbon around the box and tie a knot over the organza. The ribbon pictured in the example is glittery, but you can use any shiny blue ribbon – like satin – if you cannot find ribbon with glitter.


Step 4

Glue paper snowflakes to the organza.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Using craft glue, attach paper snowflakes to the organza. Slip a few underneath the organza as well. The snowflakes here were made on a die-cutting machine, but you can purchase pre-cut snowflakes in the scrapbook area of your local crafts store, or hand cut them yourself.


Step 5

Tie a silver floral pick to the organza bow.
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

With an additional piece of ribbon, tie a winter-themed floral pick to the organza bow. Floral picks, available in crafts store in the seasonal aisle, are clusters of ornamentation on a wooden or wire pick, readymade for decorating and crafting. Choose a floral pick with silver and blue accents to fit the Frozen theme.


Use your imagination, as many elements that are blue or silver can enhance this gift-wrap idea.


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