14 Easy Ways to Make Your Clothes Fit Better

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basic clothing alterations
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DIY Clothing Alterations

The secret to looking and feeling your best is wearing clothes that fit. No matter what your body shape or size, if your clothes fit you well, you'll look like a million bucks. Before you hire an expensive tailor, check out these alterations. You'll be surprised at how easy some of them can be to do yourself.

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make jeans waist bigger
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Make the Waist Bigger on Jeans

If your favorite pair of jeans have become a little bit snug in the waist, don't despair. Be a smarty pants and make those too-small jeans fit perfectly again.

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hem jeans
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Hem Jeans & Reattach the Original Hem

Have a pair of jeans that are constantly dragging on the ground? Shorten those too-long jeans and keep the original hem for a professional look.

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take in jeans waist
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Take in the Waist on Jeans

Say goodbye to waist gap forever with this quick and easy waistband fix. This quick alteration will ensure your "unmentionables" stay, well, unmentionable.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington
crew neck into a v-neck
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Turn a Crew Neck Into a V-Neck

If crew neck T-shirts just aren't your thing, grab your scissors and your seam ripper so you can transform it into a more feminine V-neck.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington
make pants bigger
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Make Pants a Bigger Size

Add some style and comfort to those pants that have gotten a bit too small over the years by inserting some fabric to the sides. Have fun with the pattern and color to really change up the look.

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shirt length guide
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Make a Long Shirt Shorter

Most men's shirts look sloppy when they're worn untucked because they are made a bit longer for tucking in. If you want to wear them out for more casual events, you can easily shorten them, as long as you follow a few simple rules.

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resize a too small shirt
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Resize a Too-Small Shirt to Fit

If your shirt buttons are stretched to their limits and it's so tight that you can hardly breathe, try this simple alteration to make your shirt fit like a glove.

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slit in a dress
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Make a Slit in a Dress

Up the style on your maxi dresses by adding a slit. Your dresses will definitely look and feel more flowy and breezy.

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alter coat back
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Alter the Back of a Coat

Get rid of a little bulk in the back of your denim jacket. This simple alteration will make a huge difference in the fit.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington
alter a jacket
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Alter a Jacket

Bring that big blazer from the 90s into the modern world with a few size and shape alterations.

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make a dress bigger DIY
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Make a Dress Bigger

Add some coordinating panels to the sides of a too-small dress and create some visual interest at the same time. Not only will your dress fit perfectly, it will have a whole new style.

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alter a skirt
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Alter a Skirt

Instead of calling a tailor, save your dollars by altering that too-big skirt by yourself. You'll feel more confident and put together when your skirts fit like a glove.

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