How to Make an Easy Child's Colonial Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • White Peter Pan collared shirt

  • Monotone sweater

  • Matching ankle length skirt

  • White hat

  • White, cotton, fabric ruffle

  • Fabric glue, needle and thread or pins

  • White stockings

  • Black shoes

  • Black button-up shirt

  • Black sweatpants

  • Black belt

  • White socks

  • Black dress shoes

  • Black construction paper

  • Paper plate

  • Measuring tape

  • Black paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Glue

  • Rubber band

Costumes from the colonial era were simplistic in nature.

Having a child dress in colonial attire, whether it is for a costume party, Halloween or even a historical day or play at school, can help to educate the child on the era. Common dress of colonial times was simplistic in nature, making it an ideal choice for assembling a quick and easy costume. Items you may already have in your own closet or craft drawer can go a long way to assembling the costume. The remaining items can be easily found through a visit to a local thrift or fabric store.


Girl's Costume

Step 1

Place a Peter Pan collared shirt under a monotone colored sweater. Pull the collar of the shirt over the sweater. The Peter Pan collared shirt must be white while the sweater can be gray, brown, black or a dark, navy blue.

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Step 2

Tuck the sweater and shirt into an ankle length skirt in a color that matches the sweater.

Step 3

Tie a white apron around the waist of the wearer.

Step 4

Adhere a white cotton ruffle strip around the front half edges of a plain white cap. Leave the ends of the fabric hanging loose so they can be tied around the wearer's chin. Attach the strip of fabric using a needle and thread, fabric glue or pins.


Step 5

Add a pair of white stockings and plain black shoes to complete the ensemble.

Boy's Costume

Step 1

Place a black, long sleeved shirt over a white Peter Pan collared shirt. Pull the Peter Pan collar out to overlap the black shirt and fold the ends of the white sleeves over the black.


Step 2

Tuck both shirts into a pair of black sweatpants.

Step 3

Place a black belt around the waist of the wearer.

Step 4

Add some tall white socks to the ensemble, pulling them up the leg. Tuck the sweatpants into the socks. Add a pair of plain black dress shoes to the outfit.


Step 5

Roll and fold a cone out of black construction paper. Trim away excess paper so the cone has a flat bottom. Measure the circumference of the wearer's head and cut a hole in a paper plate to match the measurement. Paint the entire plate black and glue the cone, point side up, onto the plate. Staple the ends of a rubber band under the hat so the wearer can pull the band under his chin to secure the hat in place.


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