DIY Holiday Card Display

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Everyone loves holiday cards. Until reality intervenes and most of us realize that they've taken over the mantle, the entry table and just about every other flat surface in our homes. Well, here's a way to show off all of those beautiful well wishes from friends and family without losing any space.

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Paint the Hoop and Pins

In a well-ventilated area, (go outside if you can), place your embroidery hoop and all the clothes pins on a clean paintable surface. Spray paint them gold, making sure to turn the pins on their sides so that both sides and one face are painted. The inside of the hoop will also need a few coats to ensure even color.

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Space Pins Equidistant Apart

With the hoop bolt at the 12 o'clock position, space the clothes pins equidistant apart facing some in to the circle, and some out of the circle. In other words, you're going to want some of the pin heads inside to hold cards, and some out.

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Glue Pins to Hoop

Hot glue your clothes pins to the embroidery hoop.

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Clip Cards to Pins

Clip several Christmas cards to the clothes pins, some facing out and some facing into the wreath's circle.

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Loop Ribbon

Loop your doubled ribbon around the connector of the embroidery hoop, pulling the ribbon half-way through

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Make a bow

Tie a bow at the top of the looped ribbon.


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