Holiday Craft Kits for Creative Kiddos

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Holiday Craft Kits
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Kids craft kits are the gifts that keep on giving, especially during the busy holiday season when you want to create lasting memories for your creative child. With so many holiday craft kits for kids to choose from, you can find everything from a buildable Santa's workshop to a DIY ornament craft to a Christmas cookie decorating kit on the virtual shelves of top craft supply retailers, including Amazon, JOANN and Etsy.


Whether you're looking for a crafty gift to give the child in your life or want to create a memorable and magical holiday experience for your little one, a holiday craft kit for kids is bound to keep them busy, inspired and excited during the holidays. From gingerbread houses to ornaments, we share the best holiday craft kits for kids up ahead.

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What to Consider When Purchasing Holiday Craft Kits

Craft Type:‌ When shopping for a kit, there are dozens of different holiday craft types to choose from. Before choosing a kit, consider what types of crafts or activities your child—or the child you're shopping for—might be interested in and choose something that would spark their creativity based on that. For example, if they love to build things, a kit such as the KiwiCo Santa's Light-Up Workshop might be a good choice, and if they prefer edible crafts, a decorative cookie kit like the Sweetology Ugly Sweaters Cupcake and Cookie Decorating Kit is a good choice.


Age:‌ Whether you're buying for your kid or purchasing a gift for a child in your life, it's important to consider their age, as not every craft kit is suitable for all ages. Some kits might include pieces that are considered dangerous to small children under the age of three, while others might require the more advanced skill levels that come with age.


Parental Supervision:‌ Many holiday craft kits for kids won't require too much parental supervision. However, some—such as fuse bead kits, which require the use of an iron—do. Before purchasing a craft kit for kids, consider how much parental supervision is required. If you prefer to find something that doesn't require as much adult assistance, look for kits such as the Aneco 12 Pack Christmas Snowman DIY Craft Build Snowman Craft Kit, which is essentially a playdough craft, or a mess-free ornament decorating kit like The TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit.


Supplies:‌ Most kits will come equipped with all the supplies necessary to create. That being said, some might require additional supplies such as paintbrushes, paint, glue and even batteries. Before purchasing a craft kit as a gift, take a look at what is needed but not included (if applicable) and consider giving the craft kit with those additional items, either together in a basket, festive bag or holiday stocking.



Gift Ideas:‌ Holiday craft kits can result in adorable gifts for grandparents from grandkids. If you're purchasing a kit with the intention of giving it to your child's grandparents, it's important to consider whether the finished product is giftable. Snow globes and ornaments make excellent gifts. Our list also includes holiday decor items such as snowmen made from air-dry clay, or a ceramic light-up Christmas tree, which also makes for excellent grandparent gifts.


Time Commitment:‌ The amount of time a craft can take is also important to consider. If the craft is something that is a little more time-consuming, it might help to work on the craft a little at a time to keep kids occupied throughout the holiday season. Quicker crafts might be a better fit for after-school activities or to keep kids busy while you add the finishing touches to your holiday decor.


Holiday Craft Kits
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The Best Ornament Kit

The TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit

$27.99 at Amazon

$34.38 at Walmart

If you're looking for an ornament-making kit for kids that will keep your littles entertained, the Tremendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit on Amazon is a must for Christmas tree decorations. This interactive activity kit for kids is designed for ages three and up and features a battery-operated Christmas tree-shaped stand that spins round ornaments while they decorate with colorful markers. Each kit comes with three ornaments with the option to purchase additional ornaments separately.


The Best Gingerbread House Kit

$15.94 at Amazon

$16.42 at The Home Depot

There's something so iconic about a gingerbread decorating kit for kids around the holidays. Our top pick for this category is the Fox Run Christmas Village Gingerbread House Kit because, rather than one big gingerbread house, the kit is designed to create four mini houses, making the holiday craft kit a little more accessible for kids, plus giving you more bang for your buck if you have multiple kids and don't want to purchase multiple kits. It's a little more hands-on than other kits—you'll have to make your own gingerbread or sugar cookie 'walls,' and supply the icing and candy decorations. It does, however, come with 18 stainless steel cookie cutters, two stainless steel icing cones, and two disposable 12-inch plastic icing bags. It's a great kit to use year after year, and allows young bakers to hone their skills.

The Best Snow Globe Kit

KipiPol Make Your Own Water Globe Kit

$25.99 at Amazon


Snow globes are so magical around the holidays—and this crafts activity takes kids behind the scenes to show them how they're actually made. The KipiPol Make Your Own Water Globe Kit comes with everything you need to create three snow globes, including figurines, modeling clay, sculpting tools, glitter bottles, glue, and more. Plus, the art project has a detailed instruction book for parents to help with assembly. It's suitable for kids ages 4 to 12.

$39.99 at Sweetology

If your kid prefers edible crafts, a DIY Christmas cookie decorating kit is a great pick. The Sweetology Ugly Sweaters Cupcake and Cookie Decorating Kit allows you to choose from either cookies or cupcakes in a variety of flavors and comes with everything you need—including piping bags, sprinkles and instructions—for your kid to make some ugly sweater cookies for the holiday season.

The Best Ceramic Christmas Tree Kit

​​The Ceramic Barn Ceramic Christmas Tree Kit

$28.95 at Etsy


Light-up ceramic Christmas trees are a vintage decor staple that is back in style. And, while you could just purchase an already-made one from Target, creating your own at home with your kids is sure to result in a sentimental holiday decor item. This kit from Etsy comes with the tree, base, clip cord, lights and bulb and allows you to either paint it with acrylic paint or ceramic glaze (if you have access to a kiln). Once finished, you can keep it for yourself, or give it to the grandparents as a unique home decor Christmas gift.

The Best Snowman Craft Kit

Aneco 12 Pack Christmas Snowman DIY Craft Build Snowman Craft Kit

$25.99 at Amazon

What's cuter than a holiday snowman craft kit? If your kids want to build a snowman this holiday season, the Aneco 12 Pack Christmas Snowman DIY Craft Build Snowman Craft Kit is a great option. Perfect for crafty kids who want to make a few varieties or a kids' holiday party favor, this kit has everything you need—including air dry clay and a bunch of adorable decorations—to create festive figurines. On top of that, they make sweet gifts for grandparents from grandchildren.

The Best Snowflake Kit

Oriental Trading Beaded Snowflake Christmas Ornament Craft Kit

$9.99 at Oriental Trading

Teach your child about the beauty of being unique through this interactive holiday snowflake craft kit, which is perfect for beginners. The beaded art kit from Oriental Trading comes with everything they need to create beaded ornaments for the tree, including pipe cleaners, festive beads and string. In addition to ornaments, they also make excellent gift toppers, stocking accessories and wall art, too.

The Best Santa’s Workshop Kit

KiwiCo Santa's Light-Up Workshop

$29.95 at KiwiCo

Celebrate the holiday season with a Santa's workshop craft kit from KiwiCo. With a focus on building, the Christmas craft kit comes with everything your child needs—including unfinished wood panels and decorations—plus detailed instructions and an illustrated blueprint to construct the workshop and decorate the outside. The holiday craft kit for kids isn't just a fun activity to keep them busy, it also inspires building skills and impresses with light-up electronics, too.

The Best Fuse Bead Kit

Perler 3D Holiday Wreath Fuse Bead Craft Kit

$16.49 at Amazon

$16.84 at Walmart

Fuse beads offer endless entertainment. For the best fuse bead kit for the holidays, the Perler 3D Holiday Wreath Fuse Bead Craft Kit is the way to go. This Perler kit comes with everything you need—including a pattern sheet with instructions—to create a cool graphic wreath out of fuse beads. Once finished, it looks great hung from the front door, or framed and hung on the wall for the holiday season.