8 Pawsome DIYs Pet Parents Should Try ASAP

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Playful puppy
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Before you blow an entire paycheck (again) on brand new gear for your fur baby, we're here to tell you that you can give them the same fun toys and adorable outfits with a little DIY magic. Check out this list of 8 pawsome, money-saving ideas you can try at home. Your fluffy friends will thank you!

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Make your own flea killing shampoo
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Make Your Own Flea Killing Shampoo

Keep your furry friend free of little critters by making your own flea killing shampoo with just a few household ingredients. It's super easy to make and will save you a trip to the store.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman
Repurpose a container into a kitty litter scoop
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Repurpose a Container Into a Kitty Litter Scoop

Before you toss that empty kitty litter container, here's a way to transform it into something new. This homemade kitty litter scoop takes just a few minutes to complete and is the purr-fect recycling project.

Image Credit: Debbie Williams
Turn an old sweater into an adorable dog sweater
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Turn an Old Sweater Into an Adorable Dog Sweater

Let's be real—store-bought dog outfits can get pretty pricey. Luckily, if you've got an old sweater lying around and can work your way around a basic sewing machine, you can make your own! This DIY dog sweater tutorial will keep your pup nice and warm while they flex on the other dogs at the park.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington
Try these pet hair removal hacks
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Try These Pet Hair Removal Hacks

Avoid pulling out that loud vacuum cleaner every time your little one sits on the sofa. These three surprising hacks will remove pet hair from furniture in a flash without all the noise.

Image Credit: Miaira Jennings
Sew a simple doggie waste bag dispenser
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Sew a Simple Doggie Waste Bag Dispenser

This DIY doggie bag dispenser is a fun accessory for the next time your pup does his business. Everyone will be asking where you got it, and you'll get to brag about your sewing skills.

Image Credit: Maya Marin
Crochet a dapper dog sweater
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Crochet a Dapper Dog Sweater

No sewing machine? No problem! Crocheting is actually a lot easier than it may look. Try your hand at this DIY dog sweater idea and add some flair to your pooch's wardrobe.

Image Credit: Linda Shepard


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