These 16 Summer Cleaning Tips Will Change Your Life

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These Summer Cleaning Tips Will Change Your Life
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Since warmer weather practically sends bugs, mold and mildew a VIP invitation to invade, summer is a prime season to deep clean your home–both indoors and out. But don't let that potentially long to-do list deter or intimidate you! We've culled some of our best, all-natural summer cleaning tips that will simplify the process and act as good reminders for sprucing up stuff you might not have thought of, like those stinky outdoor trashcans, or that other stuff you might be avoiding, like grimy grill grates.

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Sparkling clean grill grates
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4 Ways to Safely Clean Grill Grates

It's estimated that 1,700 Americans visited an emergency room between 2002 and 2014 after having ingested wire bristles in grilled food, according to a study published in 2016. Ditch the potential hazard and try one of four alternative cleaning methods instead.

Tub and tile scrubber, dish soap and vinegar are used to freshen outdoor trash cans
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How to Clean Outdoor Garbage Cans Naturally

It's possible that there's no other summer task on our list more neglected than this one, which also means it will feel the most gratifying once you're done.

Dirty patio cushions before and after
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How to Clean Patio Cushions

Don't spend your money on new decor when you could just as easily make your dingy patio cushions look as good as the day you bought 'em with a few simple steps.

Freshly cleaned bathing suit plus sunnies and sunscreen
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How to Wash a Bathing Suit

The horrible irony of washing machines is that they can often do more harm to your clothes than good, especially something delicate like a bathing suit. Our washing method prevents stretching, elastic wear, and shrinkage.

Ball jars filled with dried food goods to keep bugs out
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How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pantry and Kitchen

The best part about prepping your kitchen and pantry for summer pests is that it gives you a great excuse to Pintrest-ify your cupboards.

Clean window screen with bucket of soapy water
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How to Clean Window Screens Easily

Proper window screen maintenance is essential to keep them from rusting, which can also lead to tearing further down the line. Use our easy washing method twice a year to prevent this from happening.

Grimy carseat ripe for a good cleaning
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Easy Ways to Clean a Car Seat

With all of those snack-filled trips to the beach this summer, chances are your kid's carseat has taken a proper beating and could use a decent scrub down.

Fresh produce next to homemade fruit and veggie washing solution
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Homemade Fruit and Vegetable Wash Solution

Produce that's clean and chemical-free is much easier to achieve than you might think. Simply wash seasonal fruits and veggies with our two-ingredient wash before preparing.

DIY mold and mildew remover
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How to Kill Mold With Vodka

Though mold and mildew can grow year-round, in any climate, mold <ahref="https:"" mold="" faqs.htm"=""> </ahref="https:>growth <ahref="https:"" mold="" faqs.htm"=""> </ahref="https:>is especially encouraged by warm and humid conditions. Here's how to kill mold, indoor or out, using vodka.

Laundry basket filled with clean, disinfected baby toys
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How to Disinfect Baby Toys With a Home Remedy

Okay, we admit, this is sort of a year-round, do as much as humanly possible sort of task so consider this one your friendly eHow summer reminder to disinfect your kid's toys the simplest, most natural way possible.

Microfiber towel attached to a Swiffer cleaning wood flooring
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How to Clean Wood Floors Properly

If you've got a pool at home and some kids who love to utilize it during the summertime, chances are you've got some dripping wet feet trekking into the kitchen or bathroom from time to time. Here's how to keep wood and laminate floors clean and dry–no warping here.

Clean bed sheets
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How to Wash Bed Sheets

Are your sheets the best material for hot weather? This tutorial will not answer that question for you, but will tell you how to wash your bed sheets properly based on material, and also how often.

Car windshield dispensing fresh washer fluid
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DIY Windshield Washer Fluid

Ahhh, there's nothing quite like driving on the open road during summer vacation. Don't forget to set yourself up with a full tank of fresh windshield washer fluid before you go!

Boston Terrier pup
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How to Make a Homemade Flea and Tick Repellent

This one is not only great during the summer when fleas and ticks are the most prevalent, our DIY repellent also makes the perfect solution if your pet has sensitive skin or you'd simply prefer a chemical-free option.


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