How to Remove Blood From a Goose-Down Comforter

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With proper care, goose down items will last a lifetime.
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Goose-down comforters are warm and comfortable; they're some of the most functional and luxurious sleeping blankets on the market. If you get your goose-down comforter stained, especially with blood, you need the best blood stain remover to get it out quickly. You can get blood stains out of your goose-down comforter with minimal fuss and without causing any damage to the delicate materials. That way, you can continue to sleep comfortably and cleanly in your warm, cozy bed.


How to Deal With Blood on a Comforter

You'll have the most luck if you remove the comforter from the bed and lay it on a flat surface. Try to push the down stuffing as far from the stain as possible; the less that's there, the less chance it gets damaged. If the blood stain is still wet, use a clean, dry cloth to gently blot the stain, absorbing excess moisture. You want to soak as much of the blood this way as possible because it will prevent any more from soaking into the comforter and then setting.


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The best blood stain remover to use is hydrogen peroxide. It packs the most stain-fighting capability while being gentle enough to use on delicate materials, such as goose-down comforters. Using an eyedropper, gently apply one drop of hydrogen peroxide at a time onto the stain. After each drop, blot carefully with a clean, damp cloth. Make sure not to rub the stain, as this may spread it, damage the material or cause it to set.


Continue blotting the stain one drop at a time with the cloth until you've covered the entire thing. With each new drop of hydrogen peroxide, be sure to use a clean section of the cloth to blot. You should see the stain lift as you work, and you may need to change the cloth you use if it becomes too dirty.


Drying the Comforter

Finally, allow the comforter to dry where it is entirely. If the stain is still visible, you will need to repeat the process. If the stain still does not lift, you may want to consider taking the comforter to a dry-cleaning professional. Depending on the stain's severity, they cleaner should be able to clean the stain from the comforter without damaging it.


Once the stain has lifted and the comforter has dried, replace the goose down evenly inside the comforter and put it back on your bed. You may want to consider buying a cover for your comforter to prevent future stains from occurring.

Protecting Your Goose-Down Comforter

One of the best things to protect your comforter and prolong its life is to cover it using a duvet cover. These linens are kind of like a pillowcase for your comforter.


While they won't prevent all damage (for instance, blood can easily seep through and penetrate the comforter underneath), they will prevent a lot of dirt, dust, and debris from getting into the comforter. Perhaps most importantly, you can remove it and machine wash it regularly, which is good for your health and sleep hygiene.


To find a good cover, get the measurements of your comforter and shop your favorite linens store or department store. You might consider a waterproof or extra protective cover if you've found that your comforter gets dirty quickly.



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