Do it Yourself Possom Repellent

The possum is a nocturnal creature whose diet consists mainly of dead animals, birds, insects, small mammals and fruit and berries. These animals are very ugly in appearance and if disturbed will make a hissing noise and play dead. They will climb trees and bushes to get to a food source and are more frightening to see than they are dangerous. If you have possums in your yard, there are repellents you can make yourself to keep the creatures at bay.

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Molasses Possum Repellent

Mix 1 tbsp.of molasses and 1 tsp. of dish washing liquid in 16 oz. of warm water. Put the liquid in a large spray bottle, shake well and spray over your plant and vegetable leaves and around areas where you see possums or in areas you know they frequent. Possums will also knock the lids off of trash cans if they are not on tight so spray the mixture on your trash to keep them away. If you spray your garden fruits or vegetables, rinse them well before eating or you will get a taste of the dish washing liquid. Repeat the process as often as necessary to keep the creatures away.

Garlic Possum Repellent

Possums do not like hot or spicy scents so take 10 crushed cloves of garlic, 5 chopped hot chili peppers and 3 chopped onions and place in 2 cups of boiling water. Let the mixture cool. Run the mixture through a strainer to remove the residue and put the liquid in a large spray bottle. Shake well and spray over your plants and bushes. Repeat the process as often as necessary, remembering to wash your sprayed fruits and vegetables before eating.

Herbal Possom Repellent

Quassia chips can be purchased at herb shops and are used in most commercial possum repellents. Mix 10 1/2 oz. of quassia chips in 16 oz. of water and boil for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and add 1 tbsp. of dish washing liquid. When cooled, run through a strainer and put 1 cup of this liquid and 4 cups of water in a large spray bottle and spray the solution over your plants and vegetables. Repeat the process as often as necessary to repel these pesky creatures and rinse your produce before eating to remove the spray.

Possum Repellent Success

Possums are very hard to keep away and you may need to try a variety of repellents until you find one that works. Commercial repellents are available at hardware stores but work much the same as homemade repellents and also are not guaranteed to work.


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