Homemade Raggedy Ann & Andy Costumes

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Homemade costumes are perfect for any time of the year, but especially at Halloween. Store-bought costumes can be expensive (approximately $20 for a minimum-price child's costume), and they often don't last over time. Make your own Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes with clothing items you have around the house and a few little extras.



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Raggedy Ann and Andy have mop-top red hair that resembles yarn. Use a red wig for your Raggedy hair if you can find one, or make your own wig. Dye a string mop using red clothing or fiber dye and place it onto your head, using hair pins to hold it in place. Tie a bow in Ann's mop hair, and trim Andy's short. Or make your own out of yarn; simply tie bunches of yarn together and pin into place on your head.

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Raggedy Ann and Andy have big eyes and rosy cheeks. Use blush or lipstick (or Halloween makeup) to make red circles on each of your cheeks. Add exaggerated eyelashes using a black eyeliner pencil. Make Ann's slightly more exaggerated than Andy's, for a feminine touch. Add a red pucker to your lips, and you're all set.


Clothing and Accessories

Ann's outfit is composed of a baby-doll dress, white apron, bloomers and tights. Find or make a large, blouse dress in a red and blue color pattern and tie a ruffled white apron around your waist. Wear stockings or knee-high socks with red and white stripes, and pull on white bloomers (if you can't find any, try capri pants or baseball-style pants). Pair with white mittens and black Mary Jane shoes. Andy's outfit involves a button-down shirt, overalls, socks and a sailor hat. Wear a short-sleeved checkered shirt, preferably in red and white. Pair it with blue overalls or shorts with exaggerated buttons (cut out large yellow felt circles to make your own and glue them onto the existing buttons or pant fronts). Add red and white striped socks and black shoes, and top it all off with a white sailor's cap (try costume or craft stores to find one) and white mittens.



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