How to Tie a Shirt Around Your Head

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You can become a T-Shirt ninja.

Many people spend an entire year planning a Halloween costume, meticulously planning and crafting every detail in exacting precision. Then there are others who don't give it a bit of thought until an hour before the costume party. If you fall into this second group, have no fear. You can easily craft a ninja costume out of a black T-Shirt, and still have one of the more popular costumes (especially if you can find a pirate to battle).


Step 1

Turn a black T-Shirt inside out if there is writing or designs on it.

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Step 2

Begin to put the T-Shirt over your head, with your face looking through the neck hole.

Step 3

Tie the sleeves in a knot behind your head, turning the T-Shirt into a hood.


Step 4

Position the top collar onto your forehead, just above your eyebrows. Roll the collar material under the rest of the shirt to make it less obvious that you have a T-Shirt on your head.

Step 5

Position the bottom collar beneath your eyes. Again fold the collar material under to hide it.

Step 6

Pull the bottom section up by your ears, overlapping the top and closing the gap around your eyes to the smallest possible size.


This ninja hood should be worn with a black, long-sleeve shirt, black pants and black shoes.

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