How to Make Angel Wings & a Halo for a Child

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 sheet heavy cardboard

  • Utility knife

  • Paint

  • Finishing spray (optional)

  • Cord or rope

  • 2 pieces heavy wire or wire coat hanger

  • Wire cutters

  • Hot glue gun and glue

  • White headband

  • Star garlands, ribbon, feathers and other decorations

Wings and a halo will make your costume easily recognizable as an angel.

Wings and a halo are vital parts of any angel costume. Use the costume for Halloween, a Christmas pageant or just as an addition to your child's dress-up box. Angel wings and a halo will last for years, as they can be made to fit a variety of sizes. Add a white robe and perhaps a harp to the wings and halo to complete your child's angel costume.

Making the Wings

Step 1

Sketch a design for the wings on a piece of paper. Remember that the more elaborate the design, the more difficult the wings will be to cut out.

Step 2

Measure your child from hips to the back of the head and then from shoulder to shoulder. The height of the wings should not exceed the hip-to-head measurement in the center, and the width should not be more than about 8 inches wider than the child's shoulders.

Step 3

Draw the outline of the wings on the large piece of cardboard, referring to your sketch and measurements as needed.

Step 4

Cut out the wings with a utility knife.

Step 5

Poke three holes with a pencil or scissors, two near the top of the wings about where your child's shoulders will be and one near the bottom center.

Decorating the Wings

Step 1

Paint the wings gold or silver with spray paint or acrylic paint. If you use acrylic paint, spray the wings with a waterproof finish if they are for outdoor use. Let paint and finish dry thoroughly

Step 2

Add glitter or other decorations to the wings. Glue cord, feathers, ribbon or other embellishments to the outline of the wings.

Step 3

Thread a piece of cord or rope through the shoulder holes of the wings so the loose ends hang down the front of the wings. Cross the cord across your child's chest and pull both pieces together through the bottom center hole and tie to fasten onto your child.

Making the Halo

Step 1

Twist the center of one piece of wire around the center of the white headband, ending with both loose ends pointing upwards in a "V" to support the circular halo.

Step 2

Form a circle with the other piece of wire. Try wrapping it around a small bucket or other round object to form a smooth center. Twist the ends together firmly to close the circle.

Step 3

Twist the loose ends of the "V" wire onto opposite sides of the circular wire, being careful to attach firmly.

Step 4

Add marabou feather trim, star garland, gold cord or other desired decorations to the circular halo with hot glue.