Good Gifts for a Board of Directors From the Staff

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Christmastime isn't just a time to bless family and friends with cards and gifts. Your board of directors works throughout the year to help your organization or company run smoothly. Show your thanks with a thoughtful gift and let them know how much they are appreciated.

Initial Considerations

Before giving gifts, check with the organization's policy on receiving gifts, as there may be limits on what kinds of gifts can be accepted by board members. Keep it simple; give the same gift to all board members, unless you are part of a small organization where people know each other well and gifts can be tailored to the recipients. Regardless of what kind of gift you give, set a price limit and think outside the box. Creativity will be more appreciated than an expensive trinket that may never be used.


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Personalized Gifts

Try to fit the theme of the gift to what your organization or company does, making a more meaningful gift. Something with your company's logo, such as a leather business card holder or catch-all desk tray, might be appreciated by board members of a corporate organization. Not-for-profit organizations might give gifts such as cards or prints that share the message of the organization; you might commission a local artist or someone involved with the organization to draw an original design that can be printed and framed for a unique gift.

Classic Gifts

If personalized gifts are not an option, food baskets with unique chocolates, nuts, jams or other items are almost always appropriate gifts for board members. Look for locally grown, produced or sourced products for a special touch. Local coffee shops may roast their own coffee; see if they will roast a special blend just for your board members. Inspirational books are another gift that board members may enjoy; give staff members the option of purchasing in bulk from websites or bookstores, which can make it more cost effective if you're on a tight budget.



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