Technique for Painting Mirrors

Painting a mirror can be a great way to add additional decor to a room. While mirrors have the effect of enlarging a room, adding unique details to a mirror can significantly enhance them. Innovation and a few craft supplies is all that is needed to take your ordinary mirror to new levels.

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Selecting a Theme

Before you begin, think carefully about the theme your mirror will evoke. For instance, do you want to paint your child's name above her mirror? Do you want to decorate the mirror with flowers? Think carefully because painting the mirror is a much easier task than undoing your artwork.

To help you decide, create a few sketches that represent potential themes. Go through several drafts until you decide on a theme you absolutely love.

Materials and Preparation

To paint your mirror, you will need paints made specifically for paints, such as Plaid Gallery Glass paints. Further, be sure to buy the appropriate-size brush: a small brush for intricate designs, a large brush for large designs—or both if intricate and large designs are involved. If your design is intricate, purchase a tiny brush. You will also need a glass-cleaning product.

Be sure to fully clean your mirror, removing all grime and dust. If you do not have a clean surface, the paint my not respond as well to the glass, and you may have more trouble working your design on the mirror.

Ready to Paint

Now that you've made your sketches and cleaned your mirror, it's time to take your paint and brush and put your design on your mirror. Have patience and carefully paint your design. Experiment with mixing colors together, trying different brushstrokes, and using the mirror's surface as negative space.


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