Homemade Elvis Costume

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Elvis Presley is one of the most popular celebrities of all time. His popularity combined with a look that is fairly easy to put together makes Elvis one of the most sought after Halloween costumes. Whether you want to replicate the heartthrob Elvis or the Las Vegas entertainer Elvis, you can create your own Elvis costume at home.



The basic features of an "Elvis look" are either an all black or all white outfit, black hair and sideburns. The accessories you use will depend on which Elvis look you are recreating.


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Heartthrob Elvis

Often referred to as the "young Elvis," the Elvis of the 1950s and '60s is an easy-to-create costume. Start your Elvis costume with a pair of black pants and a black button down, long-sleeved and collared shirt. The pants can be made of polyester, denim or leather and should have a snug fit. Leave the top few shirt buttons unbuttoned. Wear a black leather jacket, such as a motorcycle-style jacket. Put on a pair of black shoes to complete the outfit.


Shop in the thrift stores for articles of clothing you don't have. You may find a vintage item that is perfect for your costume at a low cost.

Dye your hair black with a temporary dye or purchase an Elvis wig from a costume or party supply shop. Slick your hair back into a pompadour style. Comb it straight back with gel if your hair isn't long enough for a pompadour. Grow long, thin sideburns or buy fake ones in the costume shop.


Sling a guitar over your shoulder to finish off the ensemble.

Las Vegas Elvis

The Vegas entertainer Elvis is most recognizable in his white, rhinestone covered jumpsuit. Create this outfit at home with a pair of white pants and white button down, long sleeved and collared shirt. Make sure the pants and shirt are the same shade of white and similar materials to best achieve the look of a one-piece suit. Try to find polyester pants with bell bottoms. Check vintage shops and thrift stores for these items. Find a large white belt or recreate the look of a belt with a white sash. Buy a white cape from a costume shop or make your own from a white panel curtain with ribbon run through the curtain rod seam.


Use a craft glue gun to add rhinestones, studs and jewels to the clothing. Make sure you have plenty of these embellishments to cover the belt and cape as well as to accessorize the pantsuit. Add some rhinestones to a pair of large framed sunglasses.

Dye your hair black as in the younger Elvis costume. Use mousse rather than gel for this Elvis hairstyle, which is blown back with a blow dryer. Grow mutton-chop-style sideburns or buy fake ones at the costume shop.


Carry a microphone to complete your Vegas Elvis.


Add the most important accessory of all—his mannerisms. Watch his movies and videos of his performances. Practice his moves, his snarl and his voice. Master his persona to create an authentic Elvis costume.