Nerd Costume Ideas

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Find you calculator, it's time to get nerdy. Nerd costumes are perfect for parties and Halloween when you want a simple but charming outfit. Putting a nerd ensemble together really is easy and requires a lot less brain power than calculus. So next time you're thinking about being smart, choose to look smart too.


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Pick a patterned pair of pants or button-down shirt. The best patterns are stripes or plaid in fun colors. If you choose to have crazy pants, stick to a white button-down shirt. If a patterned shirt is more your nerdy taste, keep the pants a solid color. A sweater vest is also a great geeky piece to consider. Wear the pants high up on your waist; your socked ankles should show for maximum effect. Keep your shirt buttoned all the way up and tucked into your pants.


Two accessories are mandatory for a nerd costume: a belt and taped glasses. Get creative with the tape placement, in the middle and on the corner both look great. A tie is also a great accessory. A bow tie is classic nerd, but feel free to wear a different tie, as long as it is too short, too long, too thin or too wide. Extra nerd points for ridiculously patterned ties. Suspenders add flair and keep your pants hiked up to that perfect height. Pocket protectors and long socks also add a certain something to the nerd attire.



To go full nerd, you'll have to invest in a bottle of hair gel. Either part your hair on the side, or slick it straight back. Either way, it should be plastered to your head like a shiny helmet. Curve your shoulders inward and slouch when you stand and walk. If you have height on your side, use it. Stick out your stomach and keep your thumbs in your waste band. Make conversation in a nasally, high-pitched voice. Look as buck-toothed as possible.