How to Make a Molly Pitcher Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • White long, flowing skirt

  • Solid-colored long, flowing skirt

  • White peasant blouse

  • Bodice

  • Hot glue gun

  • 2 silver buckles, 1 1/2 inches

  • Black leather flats

  • White stockings

  • Water pitcher

  • Ladle (optional)

Carry a water pitcher to identify the costume.

In 1778, Mary Hayes went to war by her husband's side. During the extreme heat and fierce battle, Mary decided to help her husband and his fellow soldiers by bringing them fresh water from a nearby well. Carrying a pitcher of water among the soldiers, she soothed their parched throats, earning her the nickname Molly Pitcher. If you want to recreate a Molly Pitcher costume for a school play, costume party or Halloween night, you need little more than clothing from the thrift or costume supply store and a water pitcher.


Step 1

Wear a long, flowing white skirt. Pull a second long skirt, in a solid color like red, blue or brown, overtop of the first. The white gives the effect of a petticoat under the skirt.

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Step 2

Wear a white peasant blouse. Peasant blouses are long-sleeved, flowing shirts. They often tie around the neck. Fabrics vary from shirt to shirt. If possible, choose one in cotton, but any fabric is acceptable.

Step 3

Place a bodice overtop of the peasant blouse. Choose a bodice that matches the color of the skirt. If you do not have one, look for a bodice at costume supply stores. Alternatively, utilize a woman's button-up vest.

Step 4

Apply hot glue to the back of a 1-1/2-inch silver buckle. Attach the buckle to a black leather flat. Position the buckle on the front of the shoe, just below the ankle cuff. Apply a second buckle in the same manner on the other black leather flat.


Step 5

Wear the shoes with a pair of white stockings.

Step 6

Carry a period water pitcher or ladle to finish the look.


Hot glue guns use extreme heat to melt the glue. To avoid burns, do not touch the glue or metal tip while hot.


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