Arabian Nights Theme Party Game Ideas

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An Arabian Nights theme party is all about the mysterious, exotic and sensual fun. Look for games that revolve around the theme, or around various depictions of this theme, such as in popular movies and TV shows like "Aladdin," "Lawrence of Arabia," "I Dream of Jeannie" or any of the "Arabian Nights" films.


Children's Parties

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Disney has provided lots of resources for kids' Arabian Nights parties, with the movie "Aladdin." You can do a treasure hunt focusing on finding homemade "caves" full of gold, or have kids play "musical carpets." Add a magical touch to traditional games. For example, have the children play pin the lamp on the genie, or hire a face painter to draw henna-like patterns on children's faces and hands. Hire a snake charmer or Middle Eastern musicians for a big blowout gala.

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Arabian Nights is a popular theme for bachelor or bachelorette parties, and one of the first things to encourage is the wearing of costumes. A costume contest for best harem girl (or man) gets guests into the spirit of the party. A drum circle, henna painting or belly dance lesson might be great for a girls' night as well. Adapt traditional bachelor or bachelorette party games to the theme, such as using Arabian Nights items in a scavenger hunt or turning Arabian references into a drinking game.


Theme Activities

Go for activities and entertainment that help to set the mood of an Arabian Nights theme and provide your guests with something to do at the same time. For an adult party, hire a belly dancer to showcase the traditional Middle Eastern performance with sheer veils and flowing scarves. You may even hire petting zoo animals to fit your theme, like peacocks or camels, if you are hosting an outdoor party. (Outdoors is great for an Arabian Nights party, since you can set up tents for various activities.)


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