Golf Cart Decorating Contest Ideas

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Golf carts can be used for more than getting golfers from one hole to the next. They can be used as floats in parades for holidays and local events. Consider turning the golf cart decorating into a contest to fuel a little competition. Do not forget to include judges and prizes for the winners. You can create a new tradition at work, school or in your community.



Don't have a pumpkin carving contest; instead, have a pumpkin golf cart contest. Participants must create a pumpkin or incorporate pumpkins in a golf cart design using any materials they choose. Allow fog machines, noisemakers and music. Have judges give points for creativity and execution. The winners can receive free tickets to a haunted house, or you can have sponsors donate gifts.


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Christmas Celebrations

Set up different categories for the golf cart contest. Participants can create gingerbread houses, snow globes, the North Pole, Christmas trees and Santa's sleigh. Have contestants register which float they will make. Judges can award first, second and third place in each category. Judge the golf carts along the parade route or before the parade so you can award the winners at the end. If your community does a holiday season parade, do not forget to include categories for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year's.



Invite prominent community members and school administrators to judge homecoming golf cart floats. Designate a theme for homecoming. Then have each homeroom submit an idea. Each grade can vote for two or three ideas they like the best. Next, they can work together to build the floats. Have judges rank the golf carts from best to worst. Announce the winners after the parade or the next school day. Treat the winners to a pizza party, ice cream social or field trip to a movie theater.