Gift Ideas for a 42-Year-Old Female

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Surprise a lady on her birthday.

When shopping for your friend's birthday present, you can find several ideas for a woman turning 42 years old. You should keep notes on the interests that the woman has. Pick a gift out that is perfect for the woman who enjoys the outdoors and self-improvement. For instance, you might choose tickets to an activity, and you could consider beauty products as well. Follow a few tips to find a gift that is age-appropriate.


Face Cream

Face cream is the perfect gift for a 42 year old woman who wants to keep her skin looking fresh. When women age, they typically begin to get wrinkles that can make them self-conscious. Face cream that is produced for older skin helps moisturize skin and it makes wrinkles less noticeable. Try to find a cream that the woman likes by evaluating her personal style. A woman who shops for organic food might want a natural cream with no scents and dyes added. In addition, a woman who enjoys luxury might want a fancy name-brand cream. L'occitane is a reputable company for face creams, and they sell body creams as well.


Video of the Day


Tickets to an activity are perfect for the woman who loves to stay active. You can pick out two tickets and have the woman bring her date. In addition, you can invite her to go to the event with you. Choose the type of event by paying attention to the activities the woman typically does. For instance, if the woman is fit and loves to go to the gym, she might like tickets to the local rock climbing gym. In addition, a woman who loves a sports team might love tickets to see that team play a game. You can include a jersey with the tickets as well.



The career-woman who is always attached to her cell phone and e-mails for work should love a day of relaxation. Purchase a day at a spa and health retreat center. You can help the woman remember to enjoy every moment of her day with a few hours of happiness. You can also just buy the woman a massage or manicure. On the other hand, a pedicure is perfect for some because it offers a massage chair and the professional application of nail polish to the feet. In addition, if you are on a budget, you can just set up a relaxation center in the woman's home. Put candles by the bath and have dinner made for her.



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