Gifts for an 88th Birthday

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Four score and eight is, indeed, an occasion to celebrate. Deciding what to give a senior – particularly if he has everything – can be a dilemma. Your Aunt Mary couldn't fit another cup-and-saucer in her cupboard without renovating the kitchen and she doesn't wear perfume. Put some time into thinking about the person who is about to turn 88, and decide what the person could really use. Choosing the right gift for an 88-year-old will remind him of you when he uses it.



If it is a family member -- such as a grandmother or an uncle -- who is turning 88, you may want to get a family-type gift. Seniors tend to value their relationships, so a photograph of the extended family is always welcome. You can put the birthday person in the middle and have everyone gather around while a friend or professional photographer takes the picture. You can have the photograph framed on the wall, printed on a T-shirt or stenciled on a mug.


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As seniors slow down and develop agility troubles, something like a portable handle to make it easier to get in and out of vehicles is a thoughtful gift for an 88-year-old. Another idea is to hire a cleaning service to come in once a week. Think of something the person actually needs.



Be creative and make a booklet of personally redeemable coupons that the recipient can cash in. Have things such as "Good for an hour of reading," "Can be used for a trip to the supermarket" or "This token entitles you to a spring clean." Put your photo on the cover of the coupon booklet so the senior remembers who gave it to him.



Rather than all 43 people who are going to be at the 88th birthday party buying an individual gift, pool the money to buy a collective present that the senior can really use and appreciate. If, for instance, the birthday person is having trouble getting around, a motorized scooter might be an ideal gift. A large plasma television is another consideration for people with weakening eyesight.


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