Gross Foods to Guess for Halloween

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Feeling blindly to figure out body parts is a common Halloween game.

Few children's Halloween parties feel complete without a game or two to pass the time. One of the more popular games involves guessing which body part they're feeling within a plastic bag or bowl. The parts are obviously not real body parts; instead, certain foods are substitutes for the parts in question. When it comes to choosing which foods to use, the limit lies within your own imagination.


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Cold Spaghetti

Cold, cooked spaghetti is a staple among Halloween gross-out guessing games. The spaghetti can represent one of a number of different things, depending on personal preference. Graveyard worms, human intestines or the cold, wet hair of a dead person seem to be the way to go.

Peeled Grapes

Peeled grapes in a plastic bag or bowl fool players into thinking they have their hands deep in eyeballs. Peeling first gives grapes a texture that isn't easily recognized without looking. You could also crack an egg or two and include the whites in the bag to act as the vitreous humor, the clear gel within the eyeball -- altogether an even grosser sensation.



A cooked head of cauliflower, or a head soaked in warm water for a while to soften it, can easily trick people into thinking they are feeling a human brain. In order to pull this one off, be sure to remove the green leafy parts of the cauliflower. This may work even better if the cauliflower is still warm when people touch it.


Gelatin fills in for a number of possible body parts. Let some gelatin dessert set, then cut it up for whatever purpose you choose. A slab of gelatin could be used as a liver, kidney or other internal organs. Add in some fruit pieces to give probing hands an extra surprise.


Gum Pieces

Small, square gum pieces represent teeth well in a gross guessing game. You may want to cut off pieces of the gum squares so that they feel more like teeth that have been yanked out of a mouth rather than completely smooth squares. You could also rub them against some sandpaper for a used tooth feel.

Peeled Tomato

Gross Halloween guessing games need a heart, and a peeled tomato does the trick. Find a tomato that's large enough to be believable as a heart, then remove the leaves and peel of the skin. You may want to try carving it into a more heart-like shape, if possible.