Gross Foods to Guess for Halloween

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With some simple recipes and DIY tutorials, you can make eyeballs, brains and body parts for this gross Halloween food game.
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Planning your next Halloween party requires more than costumes and trick-or-treat candy. You also will want to come up with some tasty drink and food ideas, Halloween crafts and spooky haunted house decorations to set the mood. Plus, it's a good idea to think of some Halloween-themed fun games and activities.


A gross food guessing game is one classic Halloween party games to include at your next party. After preparing the gross foods, put them in a mystery box or bag so that participants can't see what they're touching or have them wear a blindfold before bringing out the plates for the Halloween guessing game.


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With some simple recipes and DIY tutorials, you can make eyeballs, brains and body parts for this gross Halloween food game. Have some Halloween candy or other prizes ready for the winners to make this a spooktacular Halloween party idea.

Gross food to make brains

At every Halloween party, zombies appear as guests, and zombies love brains, so be sure to include this option in your food guessing game. Use one of several recipes to make the brains.


  • Brains Al Dente​. Cooked spaghetti makes brains. Make sure it's well cooked, not al dente; then put the spaghetti in the refrigerator until it cools and sticks together. A boiled cauliflower head also works.
  • Mashed Brains​. You can also make mashed brains. Both cold, cooked oatmeal or mashed bananas can create mashed brains.


Food ideas to make body parts

You can get pretty creative when it comes to re-creating body parts as spooky foods.

Hot dogs are the perfect food to use to make fake fingers. You don't have to limit this option to your Halloween activities: Also serve hot dog fingers as one of your Halloween treats. Small pickles and baby carrots also can make fingers.


  • Teeth​. Both candy corn and uncooked macaroni make good teeth for a guessing game.
  • Bones​. Alternatively, make bones from stick pretzels or use real chicken bones.
  • Ears & Tendons​. Use dried apricots to make ears or beef jerky to make tendons.
  • Skin​. Use dried orange or banana peel to create skin.
  • Heart.​ A peeled tomato makes a good heart.


Gross food to make eyeballs

Eyeballs are a classic choice for the gross food guessing game idea.


  • Grapes​. Traditionally, peeled grapes are used to create slimy, round balls.
  • Olives​. Alternatively, you can simply use olives, but be sure to rinse them off and put them in fresh water as the strong smell of the olives can give away the game.


And, of course, don't forget to make eye sockets for your party guests to guess. Simply remove the yolks from some hard-boiled eggs to create them.

You can also check out our eyeball meatball recipe for a salty and savory twist.


Other gross Halloween food ideas

You also can use many other foods in your food guessing game. For example, make slimy worms from cooked spaghetti coated with oil, or use gummy worms. Other gross items include cat poop, which you can make with a simple Tootsie Roll, or use guacamole to make witch or werewolf vomit.



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