Body Parts Halloween Games

The yard is a great place to play Bone Hunt.
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Your house is decked out in Halloween decorations and you've added some spooky themed foods and scary sound effects. The ghosts and goblins attending your Halloween party will want to be entertained but bobbing for apples is just not creepy enough for your haunted party theme. These body parts Halloween games are just the right activities to inject a little bit of fear into the fun.

Guess the Body Part

Olives as eyeballs
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Create body parts from food items. Some ideas include olives as eye balls, cooked spaghetti intestines, a head of cauliflower for the brain, a peeled tomato heart, a slice of gelatin for the liver, carrots, celery and pretzel rods for bones and candy corn teeth. Place the body parts in plastic bags. Place the plastic bags inside paper bags so the players can't see the contents. Turn down the lights and tell a scary story about a monster or witch who lost his body parts. As you name each body part, pass the bags around and have the guests feel the contents to guess the food used to create each one. The player with the most correct guesses wins.

Autopsy Race

Cut out two bodies from cardboard
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Prepare body parts from food items like the ones used for the body part guessing game. You will need two sets of body parts since the game will be played by two teams. Place the food items in plastic containers and set them up on a table. Draw two body outlines on the ground or cut out two bodies from a large piece of cardboard, then outline the places where the missing body parts belong. Divide guests into two teams who will race to identify the body parts and return them to the right place on the body. The first team to complete its autopsy wins.

Bone Hunt

Bone Hunt
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Purchase a large plastic skeleton from a party goods store, take it apart and hide the bones around the yard or inside the house. Print clues to where each bone is hidden and attach a clue to each bone. This game can be played by teams competing to collect the most bones or as one group on a fun bone hunt. Give participants the first clue and when they find that bone, the clue attached should lead them to the next bone. When all the bones have been collected, the scavenger hunt is complete. The team with the most bones wins or everyone gets a prize. Another option is to then reassemble the skeleton, if possible.

Pin the Body Parts on the Monster

Blindfolded kid
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This game is fun for younger kids who may be too spooked by the creepier body parts games. Find or draw a large picture of a monster. Cut it into pieces and hang the head or torso on the wall to start. Blindfold a player and hand him one of the cut out body parts to pin to the monster. Each player will take a turn at attaching a body part to put this monster back together. Once all the body parts have been attached everyone gets a prize---and a laugh at the funny outcome.

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