What are Traditional and Modern 13th Anniversary Gifts?

Anniversary gifts are in celebration of the love and commitment of the couple.

Every year of marriage passed warrants a celebration, especially after passing the 10-year milestone. While the 13th anniversary is not considered a milestone, as milestone years typically are every five years, the event is an accomplishment nonetheless. Choose a traditional gift or look for a fresh, modern spin.


A traditional gift associated with the 13 wedding anniversary is the fabric of lace. Lace can be utilized in a variety of forms, depending on your preference for the gift and the needs of the recipient. A lace tablecloth or set of napkins, table runner, curtains or bedding would be an appropriate and traditional choice. Other options are doilies for a table, a runner for a mantle or a lace tree skirt.


Lingerie is the modern adaptation of the traditional gift of the 13th wedding anniversary. While you could pay homage to the traditional gift of lace by choosing a lace negligee, you do not necessarily have to choose this fabric for the gift. If giving a gift to a man, consider a soft or silky bathrobe or a humorous pair of boxers. For a woman you could go the sexy or comfortable route with a sensual night gown or some flannel pajamas.


Take a luxury cruise to a lace producing area, such as Italy, France or Brussels. Find a cruise to one of these areas and spend a week or so exploring the cities or find a multi-city tour that visits several lace producing areas. This would be a romantic way to represent the traditional elements of the 13th wedding anniversary. Purchase a lace product from one of these countries as a symbolic memento. Place the textile in a frame and display it on a wall for a vintage accent to your home decor that has a romantic meaning behind it.


Jewelry is a gift that can be both traditional or modern, depending on the style of the jewelry. Citrine, malachite, and moonstone are the gemstones traditionally associated with the 13th wedding anniversary. Choose a necklace with one or several of these stones in it for her. A pair of cuff links or a money clip accented with one of these gemstones will be a suitable gift for him. For a couple's joint gift, choose a vase or candle holder, in a vintage or modern style depending on their home decor, that has these stones incorporated into it.