67th Birthday Ideas

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If a friend or loved one of yours is celebrating a 67th birthday this year, there are a number of ways that you can make it entertaining and memorable. Taking the birthday person's favorite things and places into consideration when choosing a gift or event that will commemorate this birthday is ideal, and shows that you truly care.


1940s Gifts

Putting together a gift basket filled with items from the 1940s is a great idea to commemorate the decade that your friend or loved one was born in. A collection of treats like Bazooka bubble gum, Bit-O-Honey chewy candies and licorice pipes will add variety to the basket. Adding a few movies from the decade, such as Howard Hawks' "His Girl Friday" or "Cabin in the Sky" (directed by Vincente Minnelli) and authentic music from the decade such as recordings from Count Basie and Rosemary Clooney will make the basket complete. You can include a card expressing your birthday wishes with the basket, and tie a ribbon around the basket in the recipient's favorite color.


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"Favorite Things" Gifts

A gift that features some of the recipient's favorite things will make a great 67th birthday present as well. If your aunt loves flowers, purchase a crystal brooch for her in the shape of her favorite bloom to make a present she'll cherish forever. A set of ties and pocket squares for an uncle or good friend who loves to dress up will give him options when he's getting ready for his next formal event. You can also accompany the gift with an edible accent by baking a batch of the recipient's favorite cookies or preparing a specialty birthday cake with icing or fondant accents in your loved one's favorite shade.


Destination Gifts

A number of people who have reached their 67th birthday have recently retired, so a "destination" birthday gift is appropriate, and can even be given in lieu of a party. If your father has always wanted to take a cruise to a tropical location, you and your siblings can pitch into purchase a vacation package for him. A resort package to a quality golf course and hotel with great amenities will make a memorable 67th birthday gift for your grandmother. Or, you can put together a gift basket that will allow the recipient to "vacation" in their own home. Items like monogrammed linens and a bathrobe, along with quality bath items and a good book, will let the recipient relax and enjoy the retired life even more.


Family Gathering

Your family member may want to celebrate by having family and loved ones close, so an intimate dinner party, or a fun get-together at home can make the birthday enjoyable. If you're planning the gathering, you can ask all the guests to wear clothing in the guest of honor's favorite color, which makes for great pictures. Putting together a slideshow of memorable moments in the guest of honor's life and presenting the slideshow at the party is also ideal for a 67th birthday.



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