Christmas Gifts for Men Over 90

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Choose innovative golfing aids for your senior duffer's holiday gift.

He might be 90, but that doesn't mean he isn't as excited about what's under the tree as the younger folks. This 90-year-old fellow is probably more active than his own father was, thanks to medical science, good nutrition and exercise, so the gifts you choose may be just as appropriate for his 65- and 68-year-old kids! Examine your man's lifestyle for clues before you shop. If he doesn't have a hobby or interest that stands out, find something entertaining enough to keep him challenged until his 91st Christmas arrives.


Video of the Day

Surf’s Up

A great-grandpa can get as much pleasure from the Internet as other age groups, but if his eyesight keeps him from surfing, put a magnifying screen that fits his PC on your gift list. Include a headset to boost sound levels if his hearing is impaired. Brain-building software keeps seniors sharp -- add game discs or the foreign language program he has been talking about to the present so he'll know the lingo when he celebrates his 100th birthday in Paris. Arrange everything in a gift basket to make the presentation as exciting as the contents.


Tee Up

Duffers swear that golf keeps them young, but if your nonogenarian has been playing for decades, he likely owns enough clubs and covers to last another 90 years. Surprise him with a bionic glove, designed by orthopedic engineers and promoted by the Player's Golfing Association as a way to relieve arthritis on the links. The bionic golf glove assists hand control and strengthens the grip. Add a tube of pain-relieving gel or a blood-circulation massager to the gift to soothe aches and pains that may linger when he reaches the 19th hole for cocktails.


Read Up

Reading while reclining may be problematic for your 90-year-old, but a Levo Book Holder can change all that. This innovative aid means your man won't have to lift a finger to support the heaviest James Michener or Thor Heyerdahl classic. Choose from stand-alone and desk models. Both come with page holders. Enhance his reading experience by adding a portable video magnifier to his gift. This tool makes book pages easy to read, even for guys suffering low vision issues or macular degeneration.


Think Back

Chances are, your 90-year-old gift recipient has no clue about events that made news on the day he was born. Birthday newspapers going back to 1900 are available from specialty shops and websites. Some daily newspapers sell reprints taken from old issues stored in their archives. Start your search by contacting your gift recipient's hometown newspaper, but if it's no longer in business, plenty of catalogers and shops sell day-you-were-born editions. Some frame the art. Others put PDF files on discs for printer output. Find your 90-year-old's city and date of birth and start spreading the news before you gift wrap it.