Fun Birthday Places for 13-Year-Olds

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Spend a birthday party on a go-kart track.

Her teenage years have officially begun and she is no longer in the childish parties of her younger years. Parents can use the birthday teen's maturing interests as a guide to the perfect party venue, organize an activity or two to keep the group entertained and then sit back and let the guests enjoy the party time with adult supervision always nearby.



Arrange for a birthday party at a nearby hotel where the guests can feel all grown up for the evening. Rent two adjoining bedrooms for the night: one for the party group and the other for the parent supervisors. Start the evening with a dip in the hotel pool, a workout in the fitness center or a soak in the spa tub. Move the party group up to the room afterwards to enjoy a night of movies, snacks from room service and gossiping until dawn. Let the group enjoy a casual breakfast together in the room or in the hotel's restaurant before the guests leave for home.


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Shopping Mall

Host a 13-year-old shopaholic's birthday party at the mall. For a party on a budget, advise the guests to meet at a main entrance after lunchtime for a no-cost scavenger hunt through the mall. Divide the group into teams. Give each team a list of free items, such as ketchup packets and brochures, to find in the mall. The team to collect everything the fastest wins the hunt and a small prize. Take the group to the food court afterwards to enjoy cookies, donuts or other low cost treats. For a scavenger hunt that involves a little bit of spending, give each group a specific amount of money and have the group purchase as many items as they can using the money. No two items can be bought from the same store. The team who makes the most purchases wins the game. Let the group keep their purchases.


Outdoor Entertainment Venue

Parents can host a teenager's birthday party at an outdoor venue, such as an amusement park or family fun center. A group of daredevils can spend the day at an amusement park, braving the most intimidating of roller coasters. Most parks also have smaller family rides and carnival games for the less daring guests. A family fun center is equipped with activities including go-kart rides, miniature golf courses, batting cages, bumper boats and rock climbing walls. Some venues provide private party rooms for birthday food, cake and gifts, while others offer regular admission to the park or center and lunch in one of the on-site dining venues.



Host a birthday party at a spa that provides packages for pre-teens and teenagers. Many spas allow parents to choose from prearranged packages or a custom party package with services, such as manicures, pedicures, cleansing facials, makeup applications and hairstyling. For a large birthday party, some spas will close the location to the general public for the length of the party. Spas that cater particularly to a younger audience offer additional services, such as lip-gloss and body scrub making, group photos, pizza and cupcake lunches and candy buffets. Some spas also provide a quick lesson in do-it-yourself treatments for the group to try at home.



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