27th Birthday Present Ideas

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The thought behind a present means more than the money spent.

A person's 27th birthday may not be a milestone like turning 16, 21 or 30 years old, but that doesn't mean the birthday shouldn't be celebrated with a meaningful gift. By thinking about what the birthday person enjoys — whether it's a friend, significant other or family member — you can give a special and spectacular present.



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To celebrate a 27th birthday, you can give the person a pair of tickets. If the birthday person enjoys sports, buy him tickets to a football game, basketball game, hockey game or whatever sport or team he enjoys most. Two tickets allow him to share the experience with a friend, significant other or family member. Maybe the birthday person is a big music fan. You can find tickets to a nearby concert of one of his favorite bands. If the person loves theater, purchase tickets to a play or musical. By giving the gift of tickets, you show the person that you've put thought into the present, and you're not only giving a present but also creating a memory.

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Since the birthday person is already of legal drinking age, take her to a nearby winery and pick up the tab. She'll get to spend time with you, enjoy the beautiful setting, see how wine is made and taste a variety of different wines. Plus, many wineries also have restaurants, gift shops and inns if you want to make a day or weekend out of the excursion. To make it a safe birthday trip, volunteer to be the designated driver or book a room at the winery.



If the birthday person's tastes lean more towards beer than wine, take him to a brewery for his birthday instead. Together you can tour the brewery to see how the beer is formulated. Many breweries have attached pubs and restaurants so you can relax and sample the different flavors of beer while enjoying a good meal. Again, be a good friend and make your friend's birthday gift is special as well as safe by volunteering to be the designated driver.


Novelty Gifts

Just because turning 27 isn't a milestone birthday doesn't mean that you can't treat it as one by giving a fun, novelty gift. At novelties stores or online retailers, you can find cards, mugs, balloons and T-shirts that have the number 27 on them and funny sayings such "Does this shirt make me look 27?" or "Celebrating 27 years of being me!" These are silly, jovial gifts that are also easy on your budget.



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